TradingView offers websites real-time stock charts

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Website owners, business journalists and investors wishing to provide commentary on financial markets, can embed professional-quality charts on any site, forum, or blog, thanks to TradingView.

It’s easy to insert a chart into a website, just like a YouTube view graphic

Thousands of investors have already signed up and started using TradingView since it went live at the end of 2011, and now your website can use it too, adding value to your commentary and a platform your users will jump to engage with.

The social media offshoot of trading software company MultiCharts is offering financial website owners, reporters and users alike the opportunity to embed its proprietary charts on news sites, forums, blogs and mobile platforms for free.

TradingView COO Stan Bokov says: “TradingView is a place to get trading ideas, do research on free stock charts and forex charts, and get feedback from other investors. The main goal of the site is to let anyone become a better investor by learning from ideas given by others and practice making predictions.”

Investors use TradingView to present and share ideas about where the market is going and trading strategies with other users, who can then provide their own feedback.

The editable desktop-quality charts illustrate trends, targets, support and resistance in real-time with the website automatically grouping together related and similar ideas by ticker symbol, timeframe, applied studies and line tools.

Users can also apply indicators, including the MACD, Elliott Wave and Moving Averages and comment on their own and other people’s charts, offering their take on market movements or engage in group debates with other investors.

TradingView offers instant login and one-button sharing via Google Accounts, Facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, among others.

Thereafter, any published chart can be embedded into any web resource (forum, blog or website) through the IFRAME script, which is available when you click the ‘Share’ button.

Currently, TradingView supplies free stock and index charts using data from the BATS exchange plus FOREX, with stock fundamental data and futures on its way.

TradingView is a social project created by MultiCharts, makers of an award-winning trading platform which has won prestigious industry awards including “Best Professional Trading Platform” and ‘Best Software for US Intra-Day Traders’.