UNITAID statement on G8 Summit conclusions

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UNITAID welcomes the G8’s recognition of UNITAID’s efforts to expand access to treatment and in particular the invitation for “the voluntary participation of patent owners, private and public…” in the Medicines Patent Pool.

UNITAID raises predictable, additional funds, largely from a small solidarity contribution from air travellers, to scale up access to better medicines and innovative technologies to test and treat HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria.  The Medicines Patent Pool, now a separate foundation, was created by UNITAID in 2010 to overcome patent barriers for new medicines coming to market but prohibitively priced for the developing world. 

“Political support from the G8 is critical for the availability of newer, better medicines and the future of access in countries most affected by HIV/AIDS,” said Philippe Douste-Blazy, Chairman of UNITAID’s Executive Board.

UNITAID also welcomes the G8 mention of innovative financing as a way of creating additional resources to address poverty and ill health.  As the first example of a mechanism funded by a global tax (the air solidarity levy) UNITAID is one of a small number of innovative financing tools working for global health.

See the G8 declaration at: http://www.g20-g8.com/g8-g20/g8/english/live/news/renewed-commitment-for-freedom-and-democracy.1314.html

See UNITAID statement at: http://www.unitaid.eu/en/resources/news/335-unitaid-welcomes-the-g8s-declaration.html