Nuevo manual para los ministros de finanzas: el potencial económico de las políticas de agua, saneamiento e higiene en tiempos de la COVID-19

La alianza mundial Saneamiento y Agua para Todos (SWA) ha publicado hoy un manual innovador que recopila las mejores prácticas y orientaciones sobre el uso de la financiación pública y la recaudación de nuevos fondos para el agua, el saneamiento y la higiene. Esta información demuestra que el agua, el saneamiento y la higiene pueden desempeñar un papel central en la tarea de apoyar a los ministros responsables de las finanzas, y a los gobiernos en general, para que respondan a los apremiantes desafíos mundiales a los que nos enfrentamos, como la COVID-19, el cambio climático y las desigualdades.

Nouveau manuel à destination des ministres des finances : le potentiel économique des politiques en matière d’eau, d’assainissement et d’hygiène dans le contexte de la COVID-19

Le partenariat mondial Assainissement et eau pour tous (SWA) a publié aujourd’hui Comment faire fonctionner l’investissement public – Manuel à destination des ministres des finances, un manuel innovant qui réunit des bonnes pratiques et des conseils sur l’utilisation des fonds publics et la mobilisation de nouveaux financements pour l’eau, l’assainissement et l’hygiène.

Trade360 adopt Hospice UK

Trade360 today announced it is adopting HospiceUK in its latest foray into community outreach and setting up a page on the JustGiving platform, to this end.

Ava completes unified security merger

Leads industry in protecting global organizations against hybrid physical-cyber security threats...

Resulting IT move into SAP Test Automation with Tricentis partnership

Leading UK SAP Consultancy Resulting IT have announced their official partnership with Tricentis, the world’s #1 continuous testing platform.

TSUBASA+ Features Captain Tsubasa in Real-world Football Gameplay

Captain Tsubasa to debut worldwide in the TSUBASA+ real-world gameplay on mobile phones 

Great news for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: SGLT2 inhibitors slow disease progression

Two randomized controlled studies show: SGLT2 inhibitors can slow chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression in all patients, not only in diabetics. Results of one study [1] were presented at the virtual ESC Congress 2020 and the results of the other were published in NEJM [2].


Ahead of the world’s biggest, now virtual video games event, gamescom, this week, ISFE publishes its annual “Key Facts”, celebrating one of the fastest growing creative industries in the EU in numbers.  The insightful report ISFE Key Facts presents the economic, societal and demographic highlights of Europe’s video games sector.

Sports Technology Startup, BlueZone Systems, Welcomes Jay Ball as Brand Ambassador

BlueZone Systems increases momentum and grows Canadian footprint as they welcome Jay Ball, Canadian business and sports executive with over 25 years’ experience in the sports industry, to the team.

Should You Retrain as a Nurse?

When you first chose your career, what were you hoping for? Was it career progression? Was it to have a job that you loved? Was it to make a difference? If so, did that happen? Is it likely to? If not, it might be that whatever you chose, even if it seemed like the right direction at the time, may well not be the ideal career for you. If you love what you do, you will fight to become better and advance as much as you can; if you’re not interested, you won’t put the effort in to do this, and this could be a sign that you should change careers.


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