Commercialisation killed the Royal Easter Show

There were few of the lingering memories of taking my daughter and friends to see the animals and enjoy the rides at the Moore Park Easter Show this year, 15 years on from my last visit.

'Truth' commission offers fresh hope for civil war victims

Sierra Leone's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has begun a long battle to secure justice for victims of the country's bloody civil war.

Pakistan porn crackdown a ''political stunt''

The Pakistan government’s decision last week to block pornographic web sites is more a political stunt than an effort to purify society, experts say.

Playing i-spy on North Iraq's closed border

Café Kardelen is the only Internet café in Silopi - pronounced "sloppy" - Turkey's nearest town to the North Iraq border.

Keralites shun US and UK goods in anti-war protest

The Kerala Communist Party of India and other Marxist and left-oriented non-governmental organisations are urging citizens to boycott American and British goods in protest against coalition aggression against Iraq.

Court intervention halts healthy cattle cull

Forty-six cattle imported from Australia by the state governments of Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal have been saved from destruction by last-minute court intervention.

Northern Iraq: The forgotten front

With Turkey, the US and Kurdish forces fighting it out for oil and land in the North of Iraq, a humanitarian crisis is looming.

Hungarians play unwitting hosts to war games

The deserted, snowy plains of Hungary make an unlikely testing ground for a war in the sandy deserts of the Middle-East.

Balkan holocaust anniversary rears more than memories

A striking monument of a huge orchid stands in silent tribute on windswept fields where Balkan victims of the Holocaust fell six decades before.

Prague could be next terror network target

New intelligence suggests the next terrorist target for the Al Qaeda network could be a European city visited by more than 300,000 British tourists every year.


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