Kosovans urged to bury hatchet

Citizens of one of the areas hardest hit by Kosovo conflict are being urged to put aside their ethnic differences for forthcoming elections or risk "stagnation."

Waite slams Blair's handling of Iraq crisis

Terry Waite, the former Middle East hostage negotiator, has likened the Government's handling of consultation over Iraq as "similar to a dictatorship."

Kosovo's refugees set to ignore return plea

An appeal to UK-based Kosovar refugees to come home and help to rebuild their country is likely to fall on deaf ears.

Health watchdogs abolished

NHS Community Health Councils - which helped lead to the conviction of the serial killer Harold Shipman and rogue gynaecologist Rodney Ledward - are to be axed.

When devotion leads to deportation

Leeds schoolboy, Alexander Rostron, has arrived back in the UK after being deported from Beijing for protesting against alleged human rights abuses against Falun Gong practitioners.

Followers banned for their beliefs

Activists representing the spiritual group, Falun Gong, which is outlawed in China, were detained on arrival in Iceland during a recent visit by the Chinese premier, Jiang Zemin.

Croatian President on PR offensive

Embattled leader, Stipe Mesic, talks to Dominic Hipkins in Zagreb about his country's struggle to regain respectability.

Falun Gong- Mysticism or mayhem?

More than 70 million people in China are followers of Falun Gong. But their beliefs can come at a very high price.

Croatian war crimes general could implicate US commanders

A prominent supporter of Ante Gotovina has revealed the Croatian general indicted for war crimes will try to embarrass the US if he is extradited to The Hague for trial.

Sarajevo's isolation six years after the siege

Little about the journey from the Bosnian border post of Dobrljin to the capital is predictable aboard the Sarajevo Express from Croatia.


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