The Italian Job is best British film

Just as the re-make arrives, the original Italian Job has been voted the best British film of all time.

New Batman is Bateman

The long search for a new actor to play Batman in the next feature film about the caped crusader is finally over.

Red mist at Old Trafford

Patrick Viera became the 54th player to be sent off for Arsenal in a match that has once again shrouded the game in controversy.

Spoiled for choice: Digital TV's own goal

This week saw the introduction of Sky Digital's interactive Champions League football coverage, but the leap in viewing choice may not be best for the beautiful game…

Disillusioned with Labour

A reporter who helped in the 1997 Labour campaign that brought the party to power considers her political allegiance after the shock seizure of one of its "safe" seats this week.

Sleepless in Abidjan

Nightclubbing in the Ivory Coast capital is a rich experience if you can get from your front door to the entrance without meeting a local militia gang.

The Champions League is back

Europe's premier club competition returns this week with all the continental swagger we have become accustomed to.

Death squads rife in Brazil, UN told

Death squads are operating in at least 15 Brazilian states, according to a document passed to the United Nations by the Brazilian Government this week.

Book review: Skull Dance by Gerd Balke

A new thriller examines the reality of the Cold War and the subsequent "process" of de-nuclearisation…

Iraq: Rolling the barrel

Going to war can be thirsty work, especially when you're holed up on the border with a small but desperate army of fellow hacks for company.


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