Manners and mores: Egypt's 'George Eliot' in bloom

Egyptian novelist, Ahdaf Soueif is a study in multiculturalism. She looks at the world through Egyptian eyes, and writes English fiction in an Arab hand.

Falun Gong gains ground in Bangalore

You can easily mistake Falun Gong followers for elegant ballet dancers. With their knees slightly bent and with the precision and poise of a ballerina, they move their arms gracefully around their body, as if weaving an enormous invisible net around themselves.

John Simpson: The fundamentals of great reporting

The creation of an online news portal for young journalists is timely, if not somewhat overdue. has the potential to go a long way and I take great pleasure in providing its first Profile article in what will surely become an authoritative series…

Indian SARS cases could triple

Indian health authorities are awaiting the results of 13 suspected SARS cases, which if positive, could triple the country's known number of carriers.

Pakistan chemical weapons inspections spark pre-emptive attack fears

United Nations chemical weapons inspectors are to visit a fertiliser plant in the southern city of Karachi this week to certify Pakistan is not producing chemical or biological weapons. founder interviewed as site goes live

Accomplished Australian journalist and creator of the online news portal, Media Man, interviews Richard Powell, 24, founder and director of and Presswire Limited.

Commercialisation killed the Royal Easter Show

There were few of the lingering memories of taking my daughter and friends to see the animals and enjoy the rides at the Moore Park Easter Show this year, 15 years on from my last visit.

'Truth' commission offers fresh hope for civil war victims

Sierra Leone's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has begun a long battle to secure justice for victims of the country's bloody civil war.

Pakistan porn crackdown a ''political stunt''

The Pakistan government’s decision last week to block pornographic web sites is more a political stunt than an effort to purify society, experts say.

Playing i-spy on North Iraq's closed border

Café Kardelen is the only Internet café in Silopi - pronounced "sloppy" - Turkey's nearest town to the North Iraq border.


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