Energiekooperationen in Industrieparks fördern: S-PARCS’ Policy Briefs zu Barrieren für Energiekooperation und wie man sie am besten meistern kann

Im Rahmen des H2020-Projekts S-PARCS wurden Policy Briefs veröffentlicht, die Möglichkeiten beschreiben, wie Änderungen an bestehenden rechtlichen und regulatorischen Rahmenbedingungen dabei helfen können, Energiekooperationen in Industrieparks zu beschleunigen und zu erleichtern.

“Industrial Park Service Initial Assessment Tool” (IAT), ein neues Tool zur Bewertung des Energiepotenzials von Industrieparks

Das "Industrial Park Service Initial Assessment Tool" (IAT) ist ein neues Online-Werkzeug, das Industriepark-Manager und Unternehmen bei der Durchführung einer ersten Einschätzung möglicher ungenutzter Energiekooperationspotenziale in Industrieparks unterstützt. Das IAT ist online auf der E-Plattform der S-PARCS-Community verfügbar, zu finden unter diesem Link: https://www.sparcs-community.eu/.

How policymakers can foster energy cooperation in industrial parks: S-PARCS briefs on overcoming barriers

New policy briefs have been published in the framework of the H2020 S-PARCS project, to assist in the creation of legal and regulatory frameworks that accelerate and facilitate energy cooperation in industrial parks, thus maximizing energy savings and guaranteeing the competitiveness of companies located in these parks.

Industrial Park Service Initial Assessment Tool (IAT) to assess industrial parks’ energy potential

The “Industrial Park Service Initial Assessment Tool” (IAT) is a new tool destined to maximize energy savings and guarantee the competitiveness of companies located in industrial parks.

CEBINA reports potency of azelastine against emerging dominant variants of SARS-CoV-2 in laboratory testing

CEBINA GmbH, an Austrian biotech company, today announces that azelastine, previously identified as a potential anti-COVID-19 drug, is equally potent against newly emerging dominant variants of SARS-CoV-2 compared to the original virus. Azelastine is available as an anti-allergy nasal spray and is currently being tested in a Phase 2 efficacy trial for the treatment of early-stage COVID-19 disease.


Natural energy and performance recovery brand, Resync, announced today the newest Resync beverage, the first vegan ready-to-drink multisystem support drink on the market. The Resync beverage offers a convenient and delicious way to support the heart, immune and digestive system all in one eleven-ounce sparkling beverage.

The European interviews Andres Lutz and Simon Kaufmann of Fides

For the sixth video in the remote interview series, The European interviewed Andreas Lutz, CEO and Simon Kaufmann Chief Revenue Officer for Fides.

Model N and Global Pricing Innovations Announce Strategic Partnership

Model N, Inc. (NYSE: MODN), the leader in cloud revenue management solutions, today announced a strategic life sciences industry partnership with Global Pricing Innovations (GPI), a market leader in analytics, insights and innovative solutions that help life sciences companies achieve day-to-day operational improvement and market access excellence.

Bank Mandiri is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with ElysianNxt for the automation of their regulatory Credit Risk reporting requirements

In 2018, Bank Mandiri and ElysianNxt embarked on a project which started with the Expected Credit Loss (ECL) requirements under the IFRS 9 (PSAK71) framework.

Innovative Orthodontists Rock Social Media with Unprecedented Comedic Advertising Campaign

In honor of their 30 year anniversary, White, Greer & Maggard Orthodontics (WGM) launched an unprecedented satirical marketing campaign titled “Metal Mouth” that illustrates a fictional twist on their history.


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