The European releases its Spring 2021 edition

The first edition of the year provides an engaging insight into a number of sectors and locations, touching on subjects such as cyber security and fintech...

ANIL UZUN Gives Advice to Tech Founders

ANIL UZUN giving advice to startups and talks about the mistakes he has committed in his early days as a founder in tech and finance.

Eurocities calls for a minute of silence

One year after the start of the corona pandemic, the city network Eurocities invites everyone to a European minute of silence. The joint commemoration takes place next Wednesday, 24 March, at 12:00 noon CET.

ESA Seal of Approval: Satcom Specialist Gets Funding for Development of 5G Network

The European Space Agency and the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science have just acknowledged the leading satcom specialist, GateHouse SatCom. The have granted funding to develop software for coming Narrow Band IoT network based in space, offering 5G connectivity in regions with limited coverage. GateHouse SatCom already has the first few customers within the nanosatellite and telecommunications sector.

Loro Parque: a Historic One-Year Closing of the Doors

The zoo in Puerto de la Cruz took this day as an opportunity to make an emotional video in which its employees tell how they experienced this year…

Moxie Micromobility signs an Agreement with renowned Emuze for exclusive distribution of electric vehicles in America and Europe

Moxie Micromobility, a company that develops, produces and distributes premium personal electric vehicles, announced today its exclusive distribution agreement for all the vehicles designed by Emuze, a privately held Israeli company with experience in Design, Research and Development of electric vehicles.

Cyberattaques contre les professionnels de la santé : le CyberPeace Institute appelle les États à mettre fin à toutes formes d’impunité

Le CyberPeace Institute lance son rapport «Nos vies en péril : pirater la santé, c’est attaquer les personnes» (“Playing with Lives: Cyberattacks on Healthcare are Attacks on People”). Ce rapport est un appel à tous les Gouvernements à protéger le secteur de la santé, à déclarer illégales toutes formes d’attaques et faire en sorte que les criminels rendent des comptes.

Criminals and hostile states attack healthcare with impunity; the CyberPeace Institute calls for accountability

The CyberPeace Institute launches its first strategic analysis report “Playing with Lives: Cyberattacks on Healthcare are Attacks on People”. The report calls governments to remove rewards for criminals and hostile states attacking healthcare.

Carbon Engineering launches new carbon dioxide removal service, with Shopify as its first customer

A new carbon dioxide removal service has been launched today by Carbon Engineering (CE) that allows customers to purchase the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using CE’s large-scale DAC technology. Shopify, a leading global commerce company, has signed on as the first customer for the service, reserving 10,000 tonnes of permanent carbon removal capacity from a large-scale DAC project.

Loro Parque Fundación introduces more Lear's macaws into their natural habitat in Brazil

Lear's macaw is one of the ten species that the Foundation has managed to save from imminent extinction thanks to the funding of 'in situ' and 'ex-situ' conservation projects…


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