Death squads rife in Brazil, UN told

Death squads are operating in at least 15 Brazilian states, according to a document passed to the United Nations by the Brazilian Government this week.

Book review: Skull Dance by Gerd Balke

A new thriller examines the reality of the Cold War and the subsequent "process" of de-nuclearisation…

Iraq: Rolling the barrel

Going to war can be thirsty work, especially when you're holed up on the border with a small but desperate army of fellow hacks for company.

Music for militias

Serbia's most famous singer said her life was the stuff of fairytales - the poor peasant girl who became her country’s most famous singer before the age of 30.

Health on hold: Romania's TB crisis

Romania continues to suffer Europe's worst incidence of tuberculosis - the world's biggest infectious killer disease - at 30,000 cases per year. But while the crisis is deepening, its hospitals are closing…

Best Birmingham Bullring born?

Thousands of residents and tourists recently flocked to Birmingham city centre for the grand opening of the new-look Bullring.

UK faces crisis as student debt rockets

Prime Minster Tony Blair's neglect of students' mounting debts is creating an impending crisis that is going to cost Britain dearly, James Malysz warns…

Footballers' wives: A real life story

It seems today's sporting spouses don't have much in common with the partners portrayed in British television's hugely popular series, Footballers' Wives, as Steven Corbett discovers…

Reality TV: Too real for celebrities

Celebrities being duped by the lure of their own TV show have been licking their wounds this week after the launch of The Pilot Show on British television's E4 channel on Monday.

India awaits its place in the WiFi world

Before the world could be wired up into a global village, it is already being converted into a wireless planet. But India's red tape and bureacracy means frustrated users are having to wait to join in.


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