Last orders: All change for Britain's bars

Government plans to introduce a public smoking ban and tackle binge drinking spell radical changes for Britain's 60,000 pubs and bars.

Defending Guantanamo's detainees against Bush

Steven Macpherson Watt, the lawyer battling the Bush administration over the detainment of ‘enemy combatants’ at Guantanamo Bay, speaks about his uphill fight for justice.

Student-targeting credit cards crippling grads

The average UK student is leaving university with debts of over £12,000, a figure that's expected to triple in under six years. Nick Arnold investigates why…

Fahrenheit 9/11: Disney's loss, Democrats' gain

Michael Moore’s latest documentary shoots fish in a barrel. It’s just a pity the big fry escape through the holes in the bottom…

Hawaii: The dark side of paradise

Paradise isn't what it used to be. There's a dark side to America's 50th state that tourists seldom see, but the growing pains are all too obvious to its inhabitants.

How to keep the subs happy and stay in work

Interview A sub-editor can turn your definite front page splash into a three-line item buried in the classifieds; such is their importance. Here, an experienced sub explains how to stay in their good books and on the paper's pay-roll…

England: Maybe it's not the ref's fault after all

As England’s exit from the European Championship at the hands of hosts Portugal became an all too depressing reality, one man took virtually all the blame.

England set to take back the Ashes

Twenty years of hurt will come to an end next summer when the England cricket team regain the Ashes, possibly…

Changing places: Football's quiet revolution

As excitement over Euro2004 reaches fever pitch, the tournament's past masters shouldn't be surprised lesser-known teams are suddenly getting serious…

Using sex to pay for university fees

Living on a £1,000 overdraft, Sarah is struggling to finish her business studies degree, so three nights a week she becomes "Mandy", a female escort. Here she reveals all…


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