Brazil holiday capital sees sun, sea and shootouts

Clashes between police and slum-dwellers turn Rio de Janerio's world-famous beach neighbourhood of Copacabana into a war zone.

Indian cricket fans fear for historic tour

India and Pakistan are scheduled to play cricket again after a 14-year break, but visa problems are giving traveling fans pre-match jitters.

Beating 'bird flu' against the odds

Nations hit hardest by 'bird flu' have pledged to develop vaccines to prevent a human-to-human epidemic, but as one reporter discovers, combating the virus is an uphill task.

Kilbane up cooking a storm at Everton

Everton's gamble purchase of Kevin Kilbane, the midfielder who made the unlikely leap from Sunderland to Everton last year, is making hot gossip at home.

Rio suburb faces drugs war showdown

As City of God - a film depicting wars between rival drug gangs in Rio de Janeiro - receives four Oscar nominations, a real life version is taking place in the city.

Bangladesh bans 'bird flu' products

The Bangladeshi Government has banned the import of chicks from countries affected by bird flu, while a mystery disease sweeps the provinces.

Blair's double escape act extravaganza

It was a week in which the British Prime Minister was destined to leave the comfort of Downing Street; but his opponents have been left sorely disappointed.

Science loses an eye as Hubble scrapped

The most important telescope ever built, the Hubble Space Telescope, is to be abandoned.

Alternative world forum seeks solutions

The World Social Forum (WSF) has opened in India amidst hopes of finding answers to some of the world's most pressing issues.

Morrissey did WHAT to Princess Diana?!

Crazed conspiracy theories or elaborate musical masterminds? One reporter goes on the trail of the best and worst of the music industry's "tallest tales" online.


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