Bill spells doom for Zimbabwe's education system

I propose to write a feature story on how the Zimbabwe government, through the proposed Education Amendment Bill, would destroy what had remained as the pinnacle of education in the country, private education.
Zimbabwe's eduaction system, inherited from the country's colonial master, Britain, is fast collapsing due to poor policy. Most profeessionals from Zimbabwe such as doctors, teachers, nurses and engineers are sought after in southern Africa and in the UK.

Are we losing love but finding friends?

Our friends are fast becoming our ‘new family’ replacing traditional relationships with partners, an expert on gender studies claims...

Vaughan tells England to maintain momentum

England captain Michael Vaughan warns his side to keep focus after a dramatic two-run win over Australia in the second Test at Edgbaston...

Israel may upgrade guns, communications

End of an era

Traveling Together - taking the plunge with a partner

Planning on going travelling with your partner? Don't let money divide you.

New qualifying for F1 in '06

F1 is to see a complete change to qualifying in 2006 according to reports suggesting a new system has been agreed for next year...

New qualifying rules for F1 in 2006

Formula One will see a complete change to qualifying in 2006 after a new system is reportedly agreed upon...

Preacher Flees Own Country to Preach in Others

A preacher preaching twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to the whole world gets banned in his own homeland and flees to other countries to continue his work.

F1 finalises proposals for new rules

Nine teams and five car manufacturers have finalised their joint proposals for the future of F1 including sporting regulations and its legal framework...


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