MATRU MANDIR is an institution for specialized yoga run by Mrs. Rekha Ramachandran providing holistic care and rehabilitation to children and to improve children over all development cognitive physical ans speech development . She observes down syndrome affects about 0.85% of births every year. Children with this disorder have an extra chromosome in their genetic make up. They have 47 instead of 46 chromosomes in their genes.

Rekha says"what yoga can di is improve your memory lessen lethargy and enhance overall development. They have greater difficulty in mental in physiological development.

Her own daughter is a dancer despite downs can speek 3 languages and she has won the gold medai in the swimming olympics for the special children which was held in Hyderabad last year.

She says"I have proved by introducing the concept of yoga tp parents so that their children will grow up learning not to be afraid of anythin

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There is no dignity in death.

If abody of an unidentified male is burried here in chennai you may be surprised to know that body was lying there for more than a year or more. Bodies are piling in city mortuaries around the city with no one coming forward to claim.

It is shocking to note that on the day of 29 th July there were 223 bodies lying unclaimed in 4 of the hospitals run by the state government.

Atuary official at the hospital which is said to be the one of the biggest hospitalin Asia where bodies star rotting after a point though they are kept in freezers..They dint have the powers to bury it or dispose it.

On July 29 all 80 freezer lockers were full and atleast 46 bodies are being on the floor of the hospital mortuary.

In the past two weeks says the official the hospital managed somehow to get the sanction from the city police to clear 20 bodies . Many of them on the verge og falling apart.These bodies cannotbe even sent to an anotomy table for dissection assuch is the worst state of decomposition.

It is said out of 20 bodies recently disposed 4 were lying since 2004 January. Thats what prompted the hospital authorities to get in touch with the police to clear the bodies as soon as possible.

It is further stated that another 51 bodies await the sanction of police to clear. According to hospital sources the police should clear within 3 clear days under Tamilnadu Anatomy Act 1951 to avoid piling up of bodies or decomposition due to technical reasons. But practically they are not following due to known and unknown reasons.

Commissioner of Police Greater Chennai City R.Natraj said when this was brought to his knowledge"The police will not hesitate to take action in case of any unclaimed bodies lying in mortuaries for a long time. In case of unnatural deaths police have to investigate. We will give clearance if we gwet a list of bodies as for unclaimed bodies".


Tsunamis destruction


Indian Union Minister A. Raja incharge of Environment and Forest said in an international seminar on tsunami destruction and coastal development in which 14 counties have participate4d ," over 4000 hectares ofmangrove forests on the Andaman and Nicobar islands was destroyed by the December 26 2004 Tsunami. Another 8000 hectareshas also been damaged causing extensive damage to coralreeves and marine organisms". The Ministerr further added the country was finalising Rs.125 crore early warning systwm for tsunami in the Indian Ocean region. Mappingof coastel regions and creating bioshields with soft engineering tools aresome of the other measures being taken to deal with disastrous.

Suffering in silence

The Brain Drain Gain

The story of Africa's brain drain is a regular story that shows how the best brains of the continent are lured to the West to the detriment of Africa. Most of these stories, focus on the impact the West has in luring African away, but too few focus on the improtance of the foreign exchange earned by Africans abroad. This article points out the other picture.

Kimi win at Hungary as Renault struggle

Kimi Raikkonen stormed to victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday winning comfortably ahead of Michael and Ralf Schumacher...

'America will never leave Iraq', US soldier says

A US soldier holidaying in Ireland speaks candidly about the war in Iraq and says bases his country are building there are permanent...

A beginner’s guide to terrorism


With suicide one of the foremost killers in Ireland, there are alternatives to conventional medicine in treating mental health problems.
Colm Kelpie reports from Galway.


Tamil nadu a southern tip of India is very much noted for its rich cultural values , a very respectable traditions and good old practices. Ramanathapuram a nearby town of Rameshwaram at the southern end of tamil nadu is a typical place to show the peoples beliefs though it seems to be laughable still continues to be happening around. The people of Ramanathapuram are hard working people who believes in God and they do everything according to their conciousness. Recently a village by name East Semmanoor a small tiny village near Ramanathapuram witnessed a rare event and this made this village in the entire media a popular one. What happened there? Why the people of East Semmanoor was much exhibited in the media? It is because they brought horses made of sand and clay to place it before their family god Ayyanar , the protector of village.. the horses were neatly painted in flying colours. The horses numbering more than 100 were brought to the temple in a procession in which not only the village people but also the people belonging to nesar by villages took part in it.

They placed paddys, rice, maize and other cereals under the feets of the horses.
the horses were decorated with colourful flowers. Some of the horses wore clothes also. Ritual baths were given with mantras and poojas. The yelder man of the village said such kinds of festivals were conducted to please rain god to have more rains. He remembers that some 40 to 50 years back such kind of festivals took place in the village.

The villagers gathered in large numbers and with fear and devotion they participated in the function praying for rain. Whether the rain has come or not is not known. But the people still believe that Rain God will shower them with abundant rain in a day or two.


Our people still love dead old traditions and conventions.

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