Ashes reignites UK cricket passion

England failed to win the third Ashes Test by the narrowest of margins, but its team's performance has made the country fall in love with cricket again...

Travel in Switzerland: The Roof of Europe

Join our travel correspondent as he goes trottibiking with giants and ogres high up in Switzerland's Bernese Oberland...


Kenyan Transport minister Chris Murungaru has contracted a team of lawyers to sue the British government for damage wrought by the revocation of his Visa, baning him from traveling to the United Kingdom.

Kenya Aids couple find love against the odds

Shunned by peers, Aids sufferers in Mombassa struggle to survive in society after becoming carriers, but here love wins in the face of adversity…

Fragmed Coimmntiy leaership Affcets Somalis in UK

The news that two of the failed suicide bombers ware Somalis who arrived in the United Kingdom as asylum seekers has dealt a blow the confidence of Somali commnity already at athe metcy of fragmented community leadership. "Unlike other refugee or immigrant communoites, Somali community in Britain cotinue to suffer in the absence of united community representation. The many somali community organisations based in different parts of the United Kingdom confine their wok to serving a community through drop in advice servie, supplementary schools, and youth programmes. "The multiplicy if groups point to the absence of a consensus on the need for one commntiy organisation representing all somalis and practising equal opportunity policy," said a Somali elder in Manchester where the Manchester Council for Community Relations aims to bring to togther the ten plus active Somali communty groups under the a consultative forum with a code of conduct.

About 10,000 Somalis are living in Manchester. The fragmented community leadership continues to affect efforts by the local authority to raise children's attaitment in shools and introduce regeneration schemes with long term impact on a community traumatised by a civil in their homeland and made more insecure by the news that some of their compatriots have become terrorists and are ungrateful to the a Britain that heped thm when in need.

There is, however, a way to counter the culturalist assumption that all Somalis care about is loyalty to a clan. The absence of quality assurance curtails Somali community groups' ability to reduce the impact of social exclision on Somalis living in inner city wards in Manchester.
There is a increasing need for a bold and imaginative apporach to reducing the duplication of services provided by the clan based Somali community groups in Manchester and making them more accounable to the very community they serve. " It is a good way to promote a genuine community leadeership our community needs," said Abdirizak Yusuf, a an editor of the weekly Somali langauge show on ALLFM community radio based in Manchester.


India clear house for Zimbabwe ODI's

The Indian BCCI has taken drastic measures in order to find a winning formula to their one day squad.

600 and counting

Two British Soldiers charged with attempted car-theft in Kenya's capital City.

The two British Soldiers were arrested and charged with attempted car-theft in Nairobi , capital City of Kenya but later released after the car owner agreed to settle the matter out of court.

Bill spells doom for Zimbabwe's education system

I propose to write a feature story on how the Zimbabwe government, through the proposed Education Amendment Bill, would destroy what had remained as the pinnacle of education in the country, private education.
Zimbabwe's eduaction system, inherited from the country's colonial master, Britain, is fast collapsing due to poor policy. Most profeessionals from Zimbabwe such as doctors, teachers, nurses and engineers are sought after in southern Africa and in the UK.

Are we losing love but finding friends?

Our friends are fast becoming our ‘new family’ replacing traditional relationships with partners, an expert on gender studies claims...


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