Pakistan may build 50-110 nuclear bombs

Meet The Magoons: In Touch with Abysmal Comedy

Channel 4 has long been at the forefront of cutting edge programming. From 'Brookside' breaking soap boundaries to gritty, real and socially aware dramas such as 'Queer as Folk'. The channel takes pride in its forward-thinking and unconventional programming, and aims to challenge social perceptions. Its latest offering? 'Meet the Magoons' (Friday, 9:30PM), a sitcom about a Hindu family that run a curry house in Scotland. Full marks for attempting something a bit different, then. Problem is, there was nothing original about this comedy.

Mega - Tsunami

By Tony Lucas

The East Coast of America faces a threat more devastating than the hurricanes which yearly ravage this area, more devastating than the tornadoes that annually ravage the Midwest.
A threat generated thousands of miles away but liable to impact on the 40 million people who inhabit and call the East Coast of America their home.

US ambassador admits strong case for India’s UNSC bid

Spanish capital gains tax

The much maligned European Commission is on the brink of delivering a huge cash bonanza for British property owners in Spain. All foreigners who own Spanish property could reap the rewards, as the massive 35% capital gains tax for foreigners who sell property in Spain, has come under attack from the EU Commission.

Spanish property

Andalucians have always had a healthy disregard for the finer points of property law. Spanish law was somehow peripheral to the everyday concerns of getting things built in the South - the Costa del Sol is an unfortunate testament to that. Epitomised by the corrupt modus operandi of the notorious Jesus Gil, the late Mayor of Marbella, the boundaries between builder and regulator were conveniently blurred. In an area where armed banditry existed well into the twentieth century Spanish law didn’t seem to apply to Los Andaluces.

Sperm donor

It wasn’t a complex issue for me then. Wednesday mornings, at 10am, I went down to the local hospital, had a wank into a little plastic jar – and I earned five quid. As a student in 1982 that was good money. The rest of my mates were slaving away in their local pub, earning peanuts.

I acquired a certain notoriety amongst my peers for the manner in which I topped up my grant (in the days when the government got the beers in) and the effortlessness of my earning power made me the envy of all. My male friends didn’t have the bottle to follow me and the girls lacked the equipment. It was a laugh and a nice little earner and nothing more.

Secret Spain - Alhama de Granada

In the minds of many of us Andalucia is quintessential Spain - spectacular countryside, beautiful beaches, exotic cities, and a history and romance that has enraptured travellers from Gerald Brenan to Ernest Hemingway. White hot days, tapas nights, flamenco, bull fighting…need I go on? The majesty of Seville, the beauty of Granada and the breathtaking Mesquite at Cordoba, all combine to create that most entranching of lands - a medieval gift from those munificent Moors who wanted so much to create beauty and do justice to the place they loved.

Captain Corelli's Kefallonia

Ordinarily any place in the world that has received as much attention as the beautiful Greek island of Kefallonia would be heaving with expectant tourists. As the exquisite backdrop for Louis de Bernieres’ best selling novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and then the Hollywood blockbuster movie staring Nicholas Cage, Kefallonia braced itself for the influx of Corelli fans, eager to tread in the footsteps of their beloved characters.

England sees humiliating defeat by Denmark

England's position as World Cup contenders suffered a shattering reality check when Denmark sent them crashing to their worst defeat for 25 years…


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