India unveils world's safest N-reactor

Bets are on for $100 a barrel oil

Brits are worst tourists in the world

Often abroad I feel a great sense of pride being English when I see people of other nationalities jostling to be at the head of every queue.

Sharapova becomes world Number One

Maria Sharapova's combination of looks and determination have turned the Russian tennis star into a sports phenomenon who transcends her game...

Pope ends youth day with mass for a million

Pope Benedict XVI concluded a visit to Germany by urging the one million Catholics who gathered for World Youth Day to help turn violence into love...

Ugandan detainees enter fourth week of hunger strike

Female Ugandan detainees at HM Yarl’s Wood removal centre have entered the fourth week of hunger strike, their protest highlights deportations to an unstable war-torn country and allegations of abuse whilst incarcerated in the UK immigration system.

Former Philippine President Remains Unburied after 19 years

A president that has turned dictator and ruled his country for a good 20 years remains unburied even after 19 years. As his family return to power and lobby for his burial in the country’s heroes’ cemetery, the people in many forms expressly oppose the idea.

Community in crisis


Street-walking, kerbcrawling, and cruising red light districts in the twighlight hours of the morning, are becoming a thing of the past. With the advent of new technology and a new financially buoyant customer, the Irish prostitute industry has become more high class, and more socially acceptable.
Colm Kelpie meets one of the women involved in Ireland’s escort business.

Pakistan may build 50-110 nuclear bombs


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