Cole injury 'rocked' england

Junk food - could it be the cause of our health problems?

Junk food continues to pervade the world regardless of its poisonous content. Many people may be utterly ignorant about how much damage junk food can do to humans.

Police, Army in Bloody Clash in Nigeria

No fewer than three persons were killed and over 50 cars destroyed Tuesday, as police and soldiers engaged in an exchange of fisticuffs in Lagos. The fight rendered hundreds of people homeless. PHILIP NWOSU writes on the crisis

Illegal fish fry catching becomes a common scenario at Chalanbill of Bangladesh

The fish fry catching declared illegal by the government has become a common scenario at Chalanbill area in Sirajganj a district of Bangladesh.

Kevin Forever: coping with teenage drinking

Binge drinking, UK licensing hours extended, 24 hour drinking and fights in town centres. This article gives parents a sensible way through the under age drinking minefield as well as some warnings about the consequences of heavy drinking at a young age.

Book of breasts raises cancer awareness

Breasts are the focus of a new book by a group of Cornwall volunteers hoping to publicise the work of Breast Cancer Care...

Shayler questions global terror attacks

Former UK MI5 officer turned whistleblower David Shayler questions 9/11 and 7/7 evidence at the Peace and Liberty demonstration in London...

Owen is fit to play: Souness

Injured striker Michael Owen should be fit to play in England's crucial World Cup matches this week, his Newcastle boss Graeme Souness says...

GPS Treasure Hunting Goes Hollywood

GPS Treasure Hunting Goes Hollywood -- Spine-tingling Thriller is the First Movie to Highlight New Sport

America, Show Your Red, White And Blue Jeans To Support The Troops!

Wear jeans to support the troops!


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