International HR Day highlights a time of change for workers and businesses...

The upside of hacking with EU Space data

Join the frontier of satellite data & signals with CASSINI Hackathons and start Digitising Green Spaces…

Team Szakos Empowers Homeowners to Sell Without Using a Real Estate Agent

Homeowners and buyers save commissions and keep more money from real estate transactions...

ANIL UZUN Expects 2021 to Be The Year of Sustainable Finance Standards

ANIL UZUN expects 2021 to be the year of sustainable finance and development.

Steven Vail Fine Arts: A superstar, a design star and a populist star

Steven Vail Fine Arts in Des Moines' recent acquisitions of Julian Schnabel works has seen interest from collectors in Berlin, Miami, Greece, Beverly Hills and others. The gallery has also featured a different contemporary female artist each week in March on their virtual tour to honor Women’s Heritage Month. They are transitioning in May to an international theme...

Vinturas - Appointment of new Chief Executive Officer

Vinturas, digital operating platform and initiative of 6 European leading logistics experts in the automotive industry, appoints new CEO...

European Campaign gives Kidneys a stage! ERA-EDTA launches the European Kidney Health Awareness Days

One in ten adults in Europe suffer from reduced kidney function and yet many will be unaware of this. What is fatal is that the loss of kidney function cannot be reversed. It is therefore essential that the general public are made aware of the importance of the kidneys and how to protect them.

Cómo pueden los responsables políticos fomentar la cooperación energética en parques industriales – Informes de políticas de S-PARCS sobre las barreras más obstructivas y la mejor manera de superarlas

Se han publicado nuevos informes dirigidos a los responsables políticos, en el marco del proyecto S-PARCS H2020, para ayudar a la creación de marcos legales y reglamentarios que aceleren/faciliten la cooperación energética en los polígonos industriales, maximizando el ahorro de energía y garantizando la competitividad de empresas ubicadas en estos parques.

“Industrial Park Service Initial Assessment Tool” (IAT), una nueva herramienta para evaluar el potencial energético de los parques industriales

La nueva herramienta "Industrial Park Service Initial Assessment Tool" (IAT) está destinada a maximizar el ahorro energético y garantizar la competitividad de las empresas ubicadas en los parques industriales.

Energiekooperationen in Industrieparks fördern: S-PARCS’ Policy Briefs zu Barrieren für Energiekooperation und wie man sie am besten meistern kann

Im Rahmen des H2020-Projekts S-PARCS wurden Policy Briefs veröffentlicht, die Möglichkeiten beschreiben, wie Änderungen an bestehenden rechtlichen und regulatorischen Rahmenbedingungen dabei helfen können, Energiekooperationen in Industrieparks zu beschleunigen und zu erleichtern.


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