Highway to Smell

Over 17 years ago the Colognian entrepreneur Guido Lenssen created with VULVA Original® the world's first scented water with a real vaginal scent. With a “Big Bang”, i.e. new unique products the new online shop will be celebrated and presented on October 1st!

Latvijā notiks hakatons veltīts Artikas reģiona izaicinājumiem

No 5. – 7. novembrim desmit Eiropas valstīs, to skaitā arī Latvijā, Liepājā, norisināsies otrais CASSINI hakatons. Hakatonā, izmantojot Eiropas Savienības kosmosa datus, dalībnieki risinās kritiski nozīmīgus Arktikas reģiona izaicinājumus. Reģistrācijas anketa šeit: https://hackathons.cassini.eu/latvia

Catbird sends a strong message of human survival with the release of their new single, 'Ride'

Catbird is back with their third instalment, Ride. Following on from Dare and Soundtrack My Life, Ride aims to challenge the tendency of humans to annihilate their own natural environment and wellbeing.

ANIL UZUN Discusses Whether Building a Better World through Financial Technology is Possible or Not

ANIL UZUN comments on the objectives set during Money 20/20 on building a better world through financial technology to Collect Media.

New technology inhaler "Suisonia" from Japan, gifted to 1st place candidate figure skater in upcoming Beijing Olympics

Suisonia, a novel hydrogen inhaler with unconventional technology that generates "active form of hydrogen", has been gifted to Russian skater Alexandra Trusova. Suisonia is a highly anticipated medical device from Japan, known to support athletes for performance and care after training.

Technical readiness of artificial intelligence, lack of investments, and insufficient data quality slow down EU businesses in global AI race

A new report by EIT Urban Mobility [1] reveals businesses in the EU need better data collection and processing capabilities to reap the full benefits of artificial Intelligence (AI). 60% of experts surveyed for the report identified the lack of technical feasibility - the ability of AI solutions to competently carry out tasks - as the biggest barrier to AI solution deployment, followed by poor data availability and quality (50%).

VRP Consulting opens 3 new offices to support demand through delivery hubs and client facing offices

VRP Consulting, an award-winning global full-service Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner delivering across the entire Salesforce platform, recently announced further expansion by opening new offices.

Development of augmented reality and holographic technologies: b<>com joins the LaSAR alliance

b<>com is joining the LaSAR (Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality) alliance, a group of like-minded organizations sharing best practice, working to drive market growth and working to enable the efficient design and manufacture of augmented reality wearable devices including smart glasses and head-mounted displays. b<>com will, in particular, be lending its considerable expertise on holography technologies.

Hit Mobile Strategy App The Battle Cats Reaches 7th Anniversary Since Release!

PONOS Corporation’s flagship tower defense app The Battle Cats celebrates seven years of continuous service with special events starting September 17th (11:00am) and going through October 15th, 2021 (10:59am), with limited stages, campaign-exclusive heroes, and generous bonus rewards offered as thanks to loyal players everywhere.

Antreprenorii români pot salva Arcticul! Hackathon-ul CASSINI pentru prima dată în România

Cel de-al doilea CASSINI Hackathon (https://hackathons.cassini.eu/)competiția internațională #spacetech ce reunește antreprenori din zece țări europene cu scopul de a descoperi cele mai bune soluții în rezolvarea unor probleme de interes global, se desfășoară anul acesta și în România, în perioada 1 Septembrie - 7 Noiembrie.


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