Introducing: The new and improved YouTab - The Wiki of Lyrics and Chords

We are very excited to present the latest version of YouTab - The Wiki of Lyrics & Chords. Like a ‘Wikipedia’ for lyrics & chords - easily add it to any song, improve the work of others and be a part of an exciting project making musical notation accessible to the world.

It’s the best way to sing & play along with your favorite music, go ahead and give it a try.



We built it for musicians and music lovers everywhere!

What’s new?


- A new rocking design!

- Instantly get lyrics & chords to millions of songs!

- Work together - the lyrics & chords editor makes music a truly collaborative experience - It’s awesome!

- Create beautiful synchronized lyrics like never before. Sync sentences, words and letters with ease.

- Inline help to get you up and running in no time.

- Full artists and band biographies, making it the best way to discover more about the music you love.

- Let your fans get to know you better with the new stunning profile pages - Your own personal music page online. 


Important statistics for your readers! Did you know that…


- A Musical instrument can be found in 54% of American Households?

- “Lyrics” is a top 10 search on Google?

- There is a 10,000% growth in music applications since 2008? Everybody demands their chords and lyrics online.

- In 2014 digital music sales have dropped for the first time since 2003? the popular online music platforms are getting old.


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Now You: Check-out the new YouTab, see the tips & tricks and tell us what you think - We'd love for some feedback. Rock-on!