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Mid-East poaching world's security staff with top pay

The Middle East is mounting an aggressive bid to become the world's IT security centre by paying above-average salaries to global security staff...

Fashion houses look to blogs for business

Fashion designers and manufacturers are increasingly turning to blogs as a marketing tool, to advertise and sell their trendiest outfits and establish a new relationship with their customers.

'Geek chic' emerges as the new brand of cool

John Hodgman, the PC Guy in Apple’s TV Ads, has inspired a new brand of nerd hero. In a society obsessed with makeovers, the "geek" has remained unabashedly himself: earnest, awkward, bumbling. And he's finally getting noticed.

Surgery on demand: Doctors and patients get real on camera

From a live heart transplant online to a patient narrating his “excellent colonoscopy,” there's now internet video available for practically every medical procedure.

That new podcast begging to be downloaded? Could be your local exterminator

While podcasts have long been distributed by media companies, such as National Public Radio and Comedy Central, they're now being created by the funeral industry, pest control companies and others intent on promoting their businesses.

Smile, you’re on kite camera

What do you get when you add a digital camera to kite flying? Kite aerial photos, the most affordable way to take in-air pictures, without ever leaving the ground.

Value Chain adopts epub standard

ePub to be used in libraries and online; instantly available to hundreds of sites...

Pairing up: Couples now seek friends online

Singles get to have all the fun:, eHarmony, Now a new crop of sites is emerging with no singles or swingers allowed!

Motion pictures: Coming to a gallery near you

Is video painting, art that uses moving images, so different from traditional painting on a canvas?

Talking heads: Teens chat via video

Video chatting is as easy as making a phone call. For some teens, it’s the preferred way to communicate, until parents find they're being spied on...


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