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Scancom sees record orders for Bold amidst UK BlackBerry drought

Scancom (, operator of the UK's only dedicated BlackBerry store, is reporting record sales as major phone providers, including Vodafone, put customers on waiting lists for the new BlackBerry(R) Bold(TM) smartphone.

SecPoint provides Wi-Fi security with the Penetrator

Danish IT security enterprise SecPoint ( has made life miserable for hackers all over the world, winning an award for its pioneering Penetrator...

UK’s first dedicated BlackBerry Centre opens

Scancom ( are an Orange business specialist partner and BlackBerry® Alliance Member, and are proud to launch the first dedicated BlackBerry store in the UK.

Book tours go virtual to grab readers

In an effort to get more Americans reading again, authors are taking their book tours to the big screen and online. By being able to appear to audiences without actually going anywhere, the authors and the people making the appearances hope to be able to spread the word faster.

Amateur photography goes 3-D

A growing number of amateur photographers are discovering the art of 3-D anaglyphs, creating online communities of geeked-out grown-ups who can't stop posting pictures.

'Crazy Blind Date': A Web site plays matchmaker in a new and different way

A new dating Web site has been luring adventurous singles away from the other sites by daring them to hook up with a complete stranger.

From YouTube to the big time? Maybe

Before the Internet, aspiring actors, comedians and television personalities followed traditional routes in their quest for success.

Mid-East poaching world's security staff with top pay

The Middle East is mounting an aggressive bid to become the world's IT security centre by paying above-average salaries to global security staff...

Fashion houses look to blogs for business

Fashion designers and manufacturers are increasingly turning to blogs as a marketing tool, to advertise and sell their trendiest outfits and establish a new relationship with their customers.

'Geek chic' emerges as the new brand of cool

John Hodgman, the PC Guy in Apple’s TV Ads, has inspired a new brand of nerd hero. In a society obsessed with makeovers, the "geek" has remained unabashedly himself: earnest, awkward, bumbling. And he's finally getting noticed.


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