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C2 Cyber raises £1.2million

C2 Cyber, a Vendor Risk Management (VRM) solution provider, raised £1.2 million in seed funding, driving C2’s valuation to £8.7 million.

The European interviews Rob Masson and Lenitha Bishop of The DPO Centre

The CEO and Head of DPOs discussed Brexit, Covid-19 and the effects events like this have on company data policies...

ANIL UZUN Talks about What AI-Decision Making will Mean for the Banks

ANIL UZUN will talk about how AI-Decision Making will power the future of banks. The talk will be live-streamed on YouTube on July 23, Friday at 07.00pm CET.

Breakthrough solutions created for green spaces in Ireland: Green spaces in Ireland given a boost

Hackers created innovative solutions to Digitise Green Spaces in Ireland using EU Space data & signals in the 1st CASSINI Hackathon...

Sales & Marketing Veteran Natalie Kurz Gets Promoted to Advisory Board Member at fortuite

Natalie Kurz, a Sales & Marketing stalwart with more than 26 years experience in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors, advanced to the position of Advisory Board Member, Branding, effective July 1, 2021, at fortuite – a real-life emotional AI-powered socialization platform.

Linnworks Announces Simon Curd as Vice President Product

New position emphasizes customer-first product strategy and development...


The “No Barriers to use” App for all. Available on iOS and Android devices…

BearingPoint RegTech and Vizor Software join forces: Global RegTech and SupTech powerhouse created

The new group provides best-in-class solutions across the regulatory value chain and connects regulators and the financial industry across the globe...

Habitat for Humanity utilise l'imprimante 3D de construction de COBOD pour imprimer des logements abordables en Arizona

L'entreprise danoise COBOD International A/S, spécialiste dans les imprimantes 3D de construction, a fabriqué les imprimantes 3D de construction qui sont à l'origine des premiers bâtiments d'un, deux et trois étages en Europe. COBOD a récemment fait son entrée sur le marché américain par le biais d'un partenariat avec Printed Farms en Floride, et étend désormais sa présence aux États-Unis en raison du manque de logements abordables.

Habitat for Humanity uses COBOD’s 3D construction printer to print affordable housing in Arizona

Danish robot 3D construction printer company COBOD International A/S made the 3D construction printers that were behind Europe’s first one, two and three floors buildings, among others. COBOD recently marked its’ entry into the US market via a partnership with Printed Farms in Florida and is now expanding its’ footprint in the US based on the lack of affordable housing.


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