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Male suicides in the UK reach record high

Suicide now represents one of the biggest killers of young men across the UK according to a report by the Department of Health…

Teen prostitution: Making ends meet in Malawi

Abuse, abandonment and poverty lead Fanne Munyu into the degrading and dangerous world of teen prostitution. Here she reveals her story…

Gay, black and a policeman: A PC speaks out

It’s never been a good time to be a black gay, policeman, but it’s a position Gamal Turawa, a Metropolitan police officer, has learned to live with…

Smashing stereotypes of disabled people

Britain's disabled have long been subject to common prejudices, but, as one man explains, public views are best influenced by the disabled themselves.

Using sex to pay for university fees

Living on a £1,000 overdraft, Sarah is struggling to finish her business studies degree, so three nights a week she becomes "Mandy", a female escort. Here she reveals all…

You're only as old as the boy you feel

Women are making radical choices in their relationships - seeking out younger men for companionship and fulfilment. Australia sees the spectacular rise of the toy boy…

Footballers' wives: A real life story

It seems today's sporting spouses don't have much in common with the partners portrayed in British television's hugely popular series, Footballers' Wives, as Steven Corbett discovers…

One man's fight to help Brazil's orphans

Thirty years ago Mick Pease worked in the coal mines of North Yorkshire. Now he is a child care pioneer in Brazil helping thousands of homeless and orphaned youngsters find families.

Supply and demand: Karachi's 'call girls'

Britain's colonial legacy in Pakistan left a thriving but dark commercial sector in the country's capital, Karachi. Massoud Ansari investigates the city's desperate marketplace that trades in young women…

Time spent with a loveable rogue

Australia’s legendary private investigator, Tim “earthquake” Bristow, was one of Australia’s most colourful, and some may say, notorious underworld figures until his death earlier this year. He was also my friend and some time mentor.


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