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Top Family Lawyer comments on Prest divorce ruling

Deborah Jeff comments on a court ruling that oil tycoon Michael Prest should not be forced to hand over assets totalling £18m to his former wife, cutting his divorce bill by £9m.

Anjool Malde Remembered - Three years on...

Winners of music, journalism and enterprise awards announced along with newest award for students at Anjool’s alma mater, St Peter’s College, Oxford.

Family trumps career in life survey story

Marriage and children are more important than material possessions or careers, according to a survey of what people think are life's greatest achievements.

The mine that funded an empire

For US$9 a day, workers toil in the bowels of a mine that once funded an empire.

Wrestling as an expression of female empowerement in Bolivia

The wrestling ring is a place where stereotypes are turned on their head and left locked in a half-nelson.

Six airship pioneers and a cat over the Atlantic, 100 years ago today

On Saturday morning October 15, 1910 Walter Wellman and his five-man crew set off on their daring attempt to cross the Atlantic in the airship 'America'...

Sit! Stay! Paint! Pet owners are teaching their dogs new tricks

Get ready for it, pet owners are now encouraging their canines to paint, and then proudly displaying the "muttsterpieces" in well attended art shows.

FFF: Will a sexy sell help save the environment?

Can online porn and vegan strip clubs save the rainforest? The erotic industry believes there’s a market for idealists who want to hug more than just trees.

A natural woman, one bead at a time

An increasing number of women are practicing medication-free birth control as part of a countrywide return to a back-to-basics lifestyle.

Fear factor: One person's pleasure is another's phobia

Never before have there been so many things to be afraid of, a situation that has kept researchers busy compiling catalogues to keep up with the new fears.


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