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Who's afraid of the EU? A British response to a British problem

With the EU entering a new phase of integration, has anybody asked where Britain fits in? Why has the UK in general, whether Tory or Labour, almost always appeared scared by Brussels?

The sour reality of 'rear window' TV

The West's insatiable appetite for 24/7 television voyeurism means producers must serve ever-spicier dishes. But the feast leaves a sour taste in this reporter's mouth…

John Simpson: The fundamentals of great reporting

The creation of an online news portal for young journalists is timely, if not somewhat overdue. Greatreporter.com has the potential to go a long way and I take great pleasure in providing its first Profile article in what will surely become an authoritative series…

Greatreporter.com founder interviewed as site goes live

Accomplished Australian journalist and creator of the online news portal, Media Man, interviews Richard Powell, 24, founder and director of Greatreporter.com and Presswire Limited.

Commercialisation killed the Royal Easter Show

There were few of the lingering memories of taking my daughter and friends to see the animals and enjoy the rides at the Moore Park Easter Show this year, 15 years on from my last visit.


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