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What a wicked web we weave

As virtual observations on the Iraq war die out, the internet's bulletin boards return to profanities and partisan passion, abuse and angst, and hate and hysteria. But Tom Lewis finds not everyone has moved on…

Disillusioned with Labour

A reporter who helped in the 1997 Labour campaign that brought the party to power considers her political allegiance after the shock seizure of one of its "safe" seats this week.

Book review: Skull Dance by Gerd Balke

A new thriller examines the reality of the Cold War and the subsequent "process" of de-nuclearisation…

Non-stop news vs. 'real' journalism

Television news channels that operate around the clock are cutting considered analysis and investigative journalism out of the picture, argues Alex Walker.

The art of avoiding disappointment

The fast-buck business of licensing popular comic book-movie crossovers to video game developers has left a sour taste in this reporter's mouth…

Robbie Williams: The death of British pop music?

More than one hundred and twenty-five thousand fans swamped Knebworth to watch the prince of pop, His Royal Highness Robbie Williams, perform a plethora of poptastic tracks, but what does his popularity say about us?

Bob Hope: Laughter was the best medicine

As a proud Briton drowning in a sea of Americanisation, Bob Hope's death has upset many on both sides of the Atlantic.

Lipstick and lament: The lot of a television lesbian

Adding lesbian characters to tired television programmes boosts ratings and publicity, but representations are frankly embarrassing, says Sally Brooks.

Big Brother 2003 finally over

The results are in. Cameron is the winner of Big Brother 4, marking the end of another 64 days of very cheap television. Yet, I'm amazed to find myself one of the few people who finds this a relief.

The importance of keeping sources secret

A critical examination of the importance of protecting sources and keeping them out of the hands of "dark actors".


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