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United States Election: An open letter to voters

As Election Day looms in the US, people in every country watch and wait, while one reporter appeals to Americans to vote responsibly…

How can we trust our politicians?

With British political parties competing to gain ground in the popularity stakes, one reporter examines how increasingly ambitious promises are swelling public distrust…

The dossier, director and dilemma that won't die

Why are questions over the Iraq 'dodgy' Dossier still circulating when the Right Honourable Lord Hutton concluded the matter over eight months ago?

How to keep the subs happy and stay in work

Interview A sub-editor can turn your definite front page splash into a three-line item buried in the classifieds; such is their importance. Here, an experienced sub explains how to stay in their good books and on the paper's pay-roll…

US Election: Ralph Nader is not the enemy

US voters have a bad case of "misdirected thinking" when it comes to positioning presidential candidates along the political spectrum, writes Alexander Hay.

Portray the Roma properly, or not at all

Romania is unjustly criticised for discriminating against its gypsy population with the Western media and poor journalism to blame, one reporter argues.

Blair's double escape act extravaganza

It was a week in which the British Prime Minister was destined to leave the comfort of Downing Street; but his opponents have been left sorely disappointed.

Christmas: A season for... nah, forget it!

As most people cosy up with their drinks, presents and for those who don't have satellite television, board games; others are plotting the downfall of a sacred annual institution.

Dictating to the 'perfect' poor

Western notions of what is appropriate for the developing world are based on preconceptions and hypocrisy. But leaders of the poorest countries can be just as ignorant, argues Nkem Ifejika.

Winning a television war

Does invasive television win wars? Or does the rendering of the truth in all its grime and gore fly in the face of the ‘official’ truth? Sally Brooks investigates…


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