News and opinion from the world of music.

Waging war on the web's ticket touts

The music industry and the internet continue their rocky relationship into the online ticket arena, with the king of music festivals proving, once again, to be a hurdle too high.

How to be a music journalist

A rising reporter offers newcomers practical advice based on his own experience of the long, hard road into the music press.

Morrissey did WHAT to Princess Diana?!

Crazed conspiracy theories or elaborate musical masterminds? One reporter goes on the trail of the best and worst of the music industry's "tallest tales" online.

Inul Daratista: 'The devil’s dancer'

She is a singer, dancer, and a political hot potato. Waggling her hips in Indonesia’s "dangdut" style, Inul Daratista is hitting the big time and courting controversy as she goes.

Sleepless in Abidjan

Nightclubbing in the Ivory Coast capital is a rich experience if you can get from your front door to the entrance without meeting a local militia gang.

Iraq: Rolling the barrel

Going to war can be thirsty work, especially when you're holed up on the border with a small but desperate army of fellow hacks for company.

Music for militias

Serbia's most famous singer said her life was the stuff of fairytales - the poor peasant girl who became her country’s most famous singer before the age of 30.

Charlie's Angels: All throttled out

The original Charlie’s Angels film released in 2000 was surprisingly fresh and funky. With its tongue firmly in cheek, the film had real fun with the notion that three beautiful ladies could use every feminine trick in the book to fight crime.

Down with dance

Nightclub lovers look away now, a dance anthem anti-Christ is on the warpath…


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