News and reports from the Middle East.

Iraq Christians 'in constant fear' want safe zones

Growing violence against Iraq's estimated 700,000 Christians could mean the creation of "green zone" style enclaves to protect against attacks by Muslim extremists.

Mid-East school of hard knocks celebrates

An exceptional university's remarkable 30th birthday set amidst "roadmap" deadlocks and violence is really something to celebrate, writes Michael Hirst.

Firms face risky Iraq business

The UK Foreign office advises against "all but the most essential travel" to Iraq but some businessmen have never seen a better time to go.

Closing the balance, dictator-style

Forget the small-time looters who ran wild in Iraq after the war. Saddam Hussein put them to shame in what could have been the greatest bank heist of all time…

Playing i-spy on North Iraq's closed border

Café Kardelen is the only Internet café in Silopi - pronounced "sloppy" - Turkey's nearest town to the North Iraq border.

Northern Iraq: The forgotten front

With Turkey, the US and Kurdish forces fighting it out for oil and land in the North of Iraq, a humanitarian crisis is looming.


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