News and reports from the Middle East.

Iraq is 'most dangerous place' for reporters

Fifty-eight journalists were killed in 2005, with 22 of them killed in Iraq, the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) says.

Take your holiday in Baghdad

While death tolls continue to rise and chaos and destruction reign throughout occupied Iraq, you can book a hotel and visit the capital if you so desire...

Iraq suicide bombings kill 23, dozens wounded

Suicide bombers kill 23 and wound dozens more in attacks on an army recruiting centre and a police convoy in Iraq on Sunday...

Israel: Beyond the conflict

A reporter visits an educational and social centre sanwiched between Israeli and Palestinian factions where the enemy is not terrorism but poverty…

Iraqi Kurds on board for elections but still wary

Campaigning in the Kurdish-controlled zone of Iraq's north got off to a slow start after weeks of uncertainty over their participation in Sunday's election.

Iraq: From Mecca to the ballot box

Kurdish pilgrims are coming back from Mecca on the first direct flights to Iraq's Kurdish administrative capital to cast their ballots…

Iraq 'not ready' for elections, says freed bishop

The archbishop of the Syrian Catholic archdiocese of Mosul in Iraq was released on Tuesday having been abducted at gunpoint less than 24 hours earlier…

Iraq Kurds fear oppression by 'Arab government'

As uncertainty grows in Iraq over the feasibility of holding elections, Kurds in the North of the country are facing their own concerns over representation…

Sunshine and censorship: Press freedom in UAE

Uneven development by one of the Gulf’s most ambitious members has left a cultural vacuum and restrictions on press freedom…

Iraq Christians 'in constant fear' want safe zones

Growing violence against Iraq's estimated 700,000 Christians could mean the creation of "green zone" style enclaves to protect against attacks by Muslim extremists.


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