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New Brand Launch, be unlimited: Wear your art on your sleeve!

be unlimited is a new British luxury brand that has been launched to celebrate individuality and self expression. be unlimited has taken a fresh look at print and pattern to produce unique items that are made in Britain and designed to be treasured for a lifetime. 


Forget everything you ever thought you knew about jelly beans. Jelly Belly® jelly beans are in a league of their own - the coolest, most delicious jelly beans imaginable.

FANGS FOR THE BEANS: Trick or Treat with Jelly Belly BeanBoozled® if you dare

Jelly Belly Candy Co have just released their Third Edition of BeanBoozled jelly beans.    If you don’t already know, these are a collection of 16 look-alike flavours of jelly beans:  some are so crazy they are not to be believed, while others are the delicious Jelly Belly beans we have come to know and love.

Dem Beans, Dem Beans, Dem Scary Beans

The trick of treating this Halloween is definitely Jelly Belly jelly beans. These delicious, colourful, beautiful and versatile beans can spook up the simplest recipes.

The Remarque Prize: New Performance Poetry and Photography Competition for 16-25 yr olds

In July 2014, after reading a multitude of degrading portrayals of young people, including Jeremy Paxman’s “self-obsessed” generation, and seeing no counter-arguments, 17-year-old school girl, Eleanor Blackwood, decided to do something about it. She set up a social enterprise called The Artistic Horde, which aims to positively shift society’s perceptions by showcasing the artistic talents of this younger generation. The first event of which is The Remarque Prize.

House of Holland and Metail allow consumers to both watch catwalk show in real time and try on the clothes

British brand House of Holland has worked with local fashion technology company, Metail, to create a world first. Not only can consumers watch the Spring Summer 2015 fashion show live from wherever they are, but now they can create their own ‘MeModel’ and try on the clothing from the catwalk in real time and pre-order the collection in the right size.

Delice de France offering a certain je ne sais quoi for the Caribbean festivities

Multi award winning Delice de France excites customers with a new range of versatile product promotions for this year’s Notting Hill Carnival; destined to drive sales at the Caribbean celebrations.

Air Crash Deaths Create Horror But Unique British Business Booms

In recent weeks the world has witnessed several truly horrific air disasters. Many hundreds of innocent people have now been killed simply by taking an aeroplane flight. Time and again, press agencies around the world have carried information on yet another air catastrophe as one disaster has followed another.

Metail celebrate 19th Birthday of Clueless with new shopping haul

In response to demand and to celebrate the 19th birthday of ‘Clueless’, on July 19th, British online fitting room technology company Metail adds new items to Cher’s digitised wardrobe.

Cher from Clueless finally gets her Digital Wardrobe created by Metail

British online fitting room technology company Metail, today launches its take of the much discussed digital fitting room Cher Horowitz famously used in the 1995 cult classic film, Clueless.


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