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Bards of the Bar

For many career lawyers, poetry isn't simply a weekend hobby; it's a second calling.

Graffiti artists paint the town green

mosimage} While most graffiti artists search for high-tech paints to make their tags stand out forever, some are borrowing tools from Mother Nature to make a greener mark, using biodegradable markers and living materials.

Dying outside the box

Innovators in the death-care industry have been busy dreaming up new ideas for memorials, converting cremation ashes into drinking glasses, pencil boxes, even coral reefs.

Women-only adventure clinics offer challenge and support

All-female extreme adventure camps and clinics are gaining in popularity. Women who might not otherwise sign up to learn high-altitude mountaineering, ice climbing, or rock climbing, find a comfort zone where there are "no boys allowed."

Gag girl anniversary marks growth of funny women

It's been 80 years since Variety considered it big news that a studio hired a female gag writer.

Since then, funny women have long smashed through the glass ceiling.

Weddings exposed: Bride and groom bare it all

As nude recreation grows in popularity, weddings sans clothes are also gaining steam, in private clubs, on cruise ships and in any available open field.

Too attached to that iPod? New study explains why

Tom Hanks did it in Cast Away when he called a volleyball “Wilson.” Now a new study says that people who humanize their iPods, BlackBerrys and laptops may also be longing for companionship.

Birth control pills spark an environmental debate

Some experts are blaming birth control for water contamination. But should women dump their pills just yet?

Pet skunks: Cuddly, friendly, but some states are saying 'no'

Some pet fanciers out there would rather cuddle up in bed with a skunk than a cat or dog. But trying to get a skunk is a challenge, and in some states, it's getting harder.

Tattooists turn scars into butterflies

Looking to dress up a scar? Turn it into a butterfly. Or a lizard. Many people, especially women who have had mastectomies or other surgeries, are electing to do just that. Some tattoo artists welcome the challenge.


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