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Knit one, purl two: Guys, too, are now tending to their knitting

A growing number of men across the country are picking up an unlikely hobby - knitting - and changing the face of the knitting world in the process.

Parenting from the left side of the brain

Scientist parents don't necessarily check their analytical minds at the nursery door. Some of them look on the common problems of parenting as an intellectual puzzle that needs to be solved.

Micro-farming comes of age: How to grow crops in your kitchen

Micro greens, once the domain of haute cuisine, are now ready to grow in kitchens everywhere.

Home cooking hits the back burner, but food culture heats up

While books about food are flying off the shelves and cooking shows are hot, people are increasingly relying on their microwaves to make dinner.

Cooking is becoming more recreational and less a necessity.

The latest in newly discovered species: Pay for it, name it

Want your name in the record books? Can’t find a gift for that special someone? Now you can name a species and help fund the not-so-sexy science of taxonomy.

To the ends of the earth, just to broadcast the experience back home

Solitary expeditions to the ends of the earth - those glorified by Shackleton, Peary, and Sir Edmund Hillary - are being replaced by interactive trips built around streaming video, blog updates and Internet sites that document every trial, travail and observation of a new generation of explorers.

Couture by the slice: Wedding cakes get a makeover

The wedding cake has been a matrimonial staple since medieval times. Now, high-end cake designers are serving up more colorful, more elaborate, more personalized - and more expensive - wedding cakes than ever before.

Tech-savvy pen collectors still think real ink

It takes one look around any lecture hall or office to make you believe that the ink pen's days are numbered.

Dieters take a jab at fat with injections for weight loss

In the name of melting off pounds, would you inject a hormone extracted from a pregnant woman's urine? Even one that studies show does nothing to help weight loss? Based on anecdotal evidence, more and more dieters are saying "yes."

Viagra: A 10-year love affair

Has it really been 10 years since Viagra burst onto the scene and into the medicine cabinets of American men? A look back at the medical/cultural phenomenon that's resurrected late-life sex and provided endless fodder for late-night comedians.


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