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13-year-old Aims To Set Up Worldwide Autism Alphabet Collection

Most children from English-speaking countries have been taught the alphabet using very similar word association charts for centuries e.g. A is for apple, B is for ball or boat and C is for cat. But when it comes to people diagnosed with autism, what inspires them to learn, and what words they associate with letters, is often completely different and unique.

Addicted to Weed? Kustomvape CBD could have the answer

Kustomvape a premium supplier of CBD eliquid in the UK has seen a rapid increase in sales as the UK starts to waken up to the benefits of CBD.

New Tech Company Delivers Healthcare Services Via Smartphone

To address the inconvenience, inaccessibility and expense of general and emergency healthcare, EZ-4-U, an innovative new medical technology company, has developed a revolutionary on-demand healthcare delivery system that allows patients immediate access to US-trained, Board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners, entirely via a computer or smartphone.

National Deskfast Day, March 19th 2015

The first Deskfast Day is being held as part of the national ‘A Better Breakfast’ campaign this March. The day has been organised to encourage people to get ‘back to breakfast’ after figures show a decrease in the amount of people eating the ‘most important meal of the day’.

Combination Of CBD And THC Cannabinoids Inhibit Glioma Brain Cancer Growth

A recent compelling study published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics adds to the growing evidence that marijuana possesses medical properties and should be legally available for medicinal purposes.


Neubourg Pharma UK announces the launch of Allpresan Diabetic Foot Foam Creams into the UK, clinically formulated to treat and prevent dry cracked skin and calluses on diabetic feet, the first clinically and medically approved to be used between toes safely.

Could CBD eliquid help with cannabis addiction?

A recent online poll carried out by Chanel 4s cannabis trial revealed that 89% of the respondents said they have tried cannabis.

Kustomvape launch an e-liquid and CBD flavour combination competition with the winner receiving a weekend break to New York

Kustomvape already offer 21 winning flavours from their e-liquid and hemp oil based CBD ranges. To help them find the next exciting flavour, Kustomvape has launched a "Suggest A Flavour Combination" competition with the winner enjoying a weekend break to New York.

Biggest pile of pigeon “poo” discovered in historic monument

Twenty-five tonnes of pigeon poo has been removed from an ancient English monument. The massive mushy mess almost three feet deep was discovered deep inside the towers of the historic Landgate Arch in Rye, East Sussex.

Mechanical thrombectomy improves outcomes in acute ischemic stroke

Stroke resulting from rupture or interruption of blood flow in brain vessels can lead to devastating consequences for patients, their families and society. Steady progress has been achieved in the last 20 years in stroke treatment through better prevention, establishment of stroke care units and the use of clot-busting drugs (intravenous thrombolysis).


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