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Workplace napping hits the mainstream

Sleeping on the job has never been regarded as a very productive work habit, but new research suggests that a daytime catnap might be just what workers need to improve their output.

A killer flu could come at any time: Is the world prepared?

Ninety years after tens of millions died during the Spanish Flu, scientists say the world is due for another killer influenza pandemic and countries are not equipped to handle it.

The superbug sparks concern, and calls for vigilance

The flesh-eating bacteria called the superbug is more common than once thought, and the likelihood of getting it may depend on where you live.

Man’s best friend comes through for Autism

Parents are turning to specially trained dogs to help autistic children...

Toothpaste goes “natural,” whatever that means

As consumers become more conscious of chemicals, many are paying more attention to what they’re using to brush their teeth...

Got new allergies? Try yogurt

Research shows links between the repeated use of antibiotics and the likelihood of developing new allergies. But doctors say there may be hope: try yogurt...

Green is the new pink

Want a healthy manicure? There may be an eco-friendly beauty salon coming to your neighborhood...

A simple touch: The Metamorphic Technique

An intriguing yet low-profile alternative technique can bring significant benefits to the whole family...

Quiting Coffee: Broaching a black hole

A writer goes through the harrowing experience of giving up coffee...

Experts prescribe toys for Alzheimer's patients

There's no cure for Alzheimer's disease but carers say that children's dolls, books and games can provide comfort...


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