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Kenta Biotech obtains EU Orphan Drug Status for antibody against pneumonia

Kenta Biotech announced today that the European Commission has granted 'Orphan Drug' status to Kenta Biotech’s product KBSA301 for the treatment of severe pneumonia caused by Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus).

Bladder cancer – we know more, but still not enough…

Action on Bladder Cancer (ABC) releases findings from a new National survey* exposing how little the general public knows about bladder cancer.

Chinese entrepreneur to support access to medicines for developing world

HNA Group's Chen Feng is designated UNITAID's Honorary Ambassador.

Unitaid invite instamment la communaute internationale a prendre trois mesure concretes sure preserver les progres de la lutte contre le Sida

Au deuxième jour de la conférence de l’AFRAVIH, conférence francophone internationale sur le sida à Genève, UNITAID appelle la communauté internationale à prendre trois mesures urgentes pour surmonter les obstacles entravant les progrès de la lutte contre le sida : réduire l’effet des accords de libre-échange,  puiser dans de nouvelles sources de financement, comme une taxe sur les transactions financières, et promouvoir des traitements optimisés et abordables en agissant au niveau des marchés. 

Unitaid urges global community to enact three concrete measures to salvage progress against AIDS

On the second day of AFRAVIH, a Francophone international AIDS  conference in Geneva, UNITAID calls on the international community to implement three urgent measures to overcome obstacles in the progress against AIDS: reduce the effect of free trade agreements, tap into fresh sources of funding, such as a financial transaction tax, and promote treatment optimization and affordability through market approaches. 

Unitaid Warns Against Measures to Restrict Access to Medicines in EU-India FTA

In the lead up to Free Trade Agreement (FTA) discussions during the European Union-India Summit in New Delhi on 10 February, UNITAID urges both parties to ensure that access to medicines, and particularly AIDS medicines,is not hampered by trade interests via provisions that could undermine the production, registration and availability of generic medicines. 


At its meeting in Paris on 12-13 December, the UNITAID Executive Board demonstrated its continued commitment to scaling up access for HIV/AIDS and malaria by allocating an extra US$ 138 million to the two diseases.

UNITAID STATEMENT ON WORLD AIDS DAY 2011 - Keep the Momentum on Quality, Innovation and Healthy Markets

UNITAID is committed to building on 10 years of historic progress in the fight against AIDS and keep the agenda moving forward to the next level of cost-effective quality care. 

New studies confirm health benefits of red wine

Two new meta studies published in the Journal Nature, one authored by Dr. David Gems, and the second one by Drs. Auwerx and Canto, examine previous studies of red wine's ability to promote human health and longevity.  

Sweet Cures New Product Diabetrose – Utilises Fat-Burning Metabolism

Sweet Cures of York, (UK) is achieving phenomenal sales with the company's new product – 'Diabetrose™', based on arabinose, which is the natural substance in the raw food diet that helps us mammals release the glucose from the food we eat in a sustained way.


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