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COVID-19: Long-term consequences for the kidneys can be expected

It was realized early on in the pandemic that kidney values can predict a severe COVID-19 course [1]. The German S3 guidelines for inpatient treatment [2] therefore advise that urine and kidney values be measured on admission to the accident and emergency unit.

COVID-19 as systemic disease: What does that mean for kidneys?

Renal tropism or virus detection can be associated with severe course, greater incidence of acute kidney injury (AKI) and earlier death – yet the immediate role of the virus in the kidney has not been clarified.

CEBINA reports potency of azelastine against emerging dominant variants of SARS-CoV-2 in laboratory testing

CEBINA GmbH, an Austrian biotech company, today announces that azelastine, previously identified as a potential anti-COVID-19 drug, is equally potent against newly emerging dominant variants of SARS-CoV-2 compared to the original virus. Azelastine is available as an anti-allergy nasal spray and is currently being tested in a Phase 2 efficacy trial for the treatment of early-stage COVID-19 disease.

El director ejecutivo (CEO) de GLOW Weight Loss Systems, Inc. se une al esfuerzo de Jeff Bezos para fomentar estilos de vida saludables y facilitar el acceso a la vacuna contra el Covid-19

“Es hora de transmitir un mensaje claro sobre cómo encontrar sitios de vacunación COVID-19. Mi objetivo es que la información que salve vidas llegue a las manos de las personas de inmediato”. - Pabst, director ejecutivo de GLOW WLS.

CEO of GLOW Weight Loss Systems, Inc. joins Jeff Bezos Effort to Encourage Healthy Lifestyles and facilitate access to Covid-19 Vaccination

“It’s time to get a clear message out about how to find COVID-19 vaccination sites. My goal is to get life-saving information into people’s hands immediately.” – Pabst, CEO GLOW WLS.

Eurocities calls for a minute of silence

One year after the start of the corona pandemic, the city network Eurocities invites everyone to a European minute of silence. The joint commemoration takes place next Wednesday, 24 March, at 12:00 noon CET.

Hitting the Hidden Pandemic

Obesity has been proven to increase the risk of death from Covid – now a leading specialist is offering a solution.

Stragen Announces First Subject Enrolled in Phase IIa Clinical Trial of its non-opioid analgesic STR-324

The Stragen group announced today the enrollment of the first subject to participate in a Phase IIa study of STR-324...

Necenti Labs pioneers COVID test that can let employers get staff back to work

An innovative new technology from Necenti Labs offers 96% accuracy for COVID-19 detection before infection with deep data to give companies and individuals the power of knowledge to battle lockdown.

How to stop worrying by unlocking the mystery of the mind

Recently published author, Kay Johnson, reveals how people can smooth away their worries and restore their peace of mind in her new book “How Can I Stop Worrying?”


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