News and reports from Europe.

Pain for pregnant workers avoidable

The number of women leaving work each year over pregnancy discrimination could be dramatically reduced, a leading health and safety company says.

Businesses that fail disabled ‘risk legal woes’

Changes to the law that protects disabled people in Britain from discrimination could mean a raft of legal challenges for businesses this year…

Binge drinking is Britain's shame

The UK’s binge drinking culture continues into 2005 with no real solution in sight…

Outrage over Dublin congestion charge

Plans to introduce a congestion charge into Dublin city have caused outrage in the Irish capital…

Scotland proposes public smoking ban

The Scottish Executive has revealed detailed plans to stub-out smoking in all enclosed public places.

EU politician backs down over outspoken views

Rocco Buttiglione, the man Italy endorsed to be European commissioner-designate for justice has stepped aside after other MEPs threatened to veto his position within the commission.

Grade: Women on top at the BBC

Interview BBC chairman Michael Grade has defended comments made by a former director-general suggesting BBC women exectives are to blame for a spate of "terrible" programming.

Tensions high in disputed Caucasus territory

In Greek mythology, the Caucasus was a pillar supporting the world, but today the developing region is a hotbed of discontent that threatens to erupt into conflict once more…

Last orders: All change for Britain's bars

Government plans to introduce a public smoking ban and tackle binge drinking spell radical changes for Britain's 60,000 pubs and bars.

Student-targeting credit cards crippling grads

The average UK student is leaving university with debts of over £12,000, a figure that's expected to triple in under six years. Nick Arnold investigates why…


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