News and reports from Europe.

Divorce season begins in earnest

The next few weeks will be the busiest time of year for UK divorce courts as couples try to cut their losses before or immediately after Christmas.

Ethnic minorities 'lose out in the green debate'

Raising flight prices to appease environmentalists will make it harder for minority communities to visit loved ones...

Hitler’s Honeycomb: The Berghof revisited

The grandiose mansions Adolf Hitler erected in Germany may have vanished, but their vast bunkers remain largely intact..

When's the next general election?

Has Gordon Brown got the guts for an upfront contest or will he hold onto the throne he has waited so long for until the last moment?

Whaling: An internal outrage

A resumption of whaling in and around Iceland provokes a heated exchange of words around Europe...

Fire regulations will catch companies unaware

Experts warn managers are in the firing line for fines as inspectors prepare to test fire safety compliance…

Businesses face ‘widespread’ fire fines

British businesses are being targeted by the government for penalties up to £10,000 or jail if they fail to comply with new fire safety laws…

Michael Grade leaps from BBC to ITV

Michael Grade has resigned as BBC Chairman to take the helm of troubled UK broadcaster ITV in a move that has wowed industry watchers...

ID crime soars as thieves steal plates

A sharp rise in car cloning, where vehicle license plates are stolen or copied, is costing taxpayers millions and putting lives at risk...

Emirates spends billions on new Boeing fleet

Emirates, one of the world’s fastest growing international airlines, buys 10 of Boeing’s new 747-8F aircraft in a deal worth over $3bn...


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