News and reports from North, Central and South America.

Are house prices in the US falling?

Interest rates are going back up, so what will it mean for people who have bought property or are looking to get their first foot on the ladder?

New Orleans: A Mardis Gras Diary

A British student who became a correspondent as New Orleans was ravaged by floods finds Mardis Gras in the jazz capital is on form...

No Energy in American Energy 'Plan'

Dr. Hermann Scheer spoke these prophetic words at the Renewables Expo in Denver, Colorado in August of 2004: “It’s time for a general shift to renewable energies,” Sheer emphasized.

Peruvian ex-leader pledges come-back despite ban

Ex-President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori, vows to make a comeback in the country’s elections in April, despite an election tribunal banning him from holding office until 2011...

Michael Jackson cleared on all charges

Entertainer Michel Jackson has been told all charges against him, alleging he had abused a child and given alcohol to minors, have been dropped…

Justice at last for Brazilian drug war hero

The execution of a TV reporter by a drug trafficker sent shockwaves through Brazil. Now, nearly three years on, the killer has been jailed…

Deforestation reaches record high in Brazil

Deforestation in Brazil's rainforests is running at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world, according to newly released data…

Rio's desperate street kids fear annihilation

Thousands of homeless children in Rio de Janeiro face beatings and execution by gangs of vigilantes. Here, they explain why they can't go to the authorities…

Brazil: Soccer families seized in kidnapping wave

Brazilian football clubs are setting up security of record levels for the families of their players in the wake of the fifth high-profile kidnapping in six months…

Brazil's 'samba spokesman' dies in Rio

Bezerra da Silva, the sambista dubbed the godfather of gangsta rap and unofficial spokesman of Rio de Janeiro’s slums, has died aged 77.


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