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War on Terror: Tyranny in the Dock

The arrest of Radovan Karadzic, and the recent European and Middle Eastern tour of Presidential candidate Barack Obama may present an opportunity for a dramatic and progressive shift of America's 'War on Terror'.

Reform synagogues 'adopt' US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan

The Union of Reform Judaism announced its opposition to the war in Iraq, but has encouraged its members to reach out and 'adopt' US soldiers. Touched by the gifts and letters of support, the soldiers sometimes reach back.

A snowy transmission: Public access television threatened

Public access TV, long the home of quirky, community-based programming, is struggling in the wake of efforts by cable companies to reduce funding for training and production for citizen producers.

We Shall Overcome: Trying to keep protests fresh and relevant

As the Iraq War turns five, anti-war protesters struggle to grab the public's attention.

US communists, ever hopeful, say they're coming back

After years in the wilderness, the Communist Party USA is giving itself a public relations and ideological makeover, and, with its new $1 million office, hopes to be running the US within 50 years.

Latina converts look for answers in Islam

Increasing numbers of Latinas are converting to Islam, for love, faith and, some say, a sense of respect. But some find acceptance from family and friends is harder to come by.

The housing market is tanking. Time to renovate

A sinking real estate market is no time for homeowners to sit still, experts say.

Spruce up your place now, because the buyers are coming back.

How a 20-foot inflatable rodent became a union label

From Hollywood picket lines in Los Angeles to nonunion construction sites in Chicago and New York, a 20-foot inflatable rat has become one of the most recognized symbols of the labor movement.

Nasty knockoffs: Dangerous fake products enter US at record pace

Fake cigarettes, brake parts and condoms are only some of an increasing number of dangerous counterfeit goods now on the US market.

With body language, presidential candidates say a lot

Barack Obama has the finger point. Hillary Clinton has the karate chop. John McCain is ground into the floor. Voters can tell a lot about presidential candidates from their body language. Experts explain how.


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