Gandy Digital’s Pred8tor: The dawn of the next generation of Grand Format Digital Printers

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Gandy Digital is set to release the most advanced and ground breaking Grand Format Digital Printer in the industry today and will be premiered at the SGIA show in Las Vegas.

With over 30 years of experience in the digital print industry and with many received awards including the DPI ‘Innovator of the Year’ for creativity and ingenuity of speciality imagers through innovation. James Gandy re-examined the grand format digital printer market to see how productivity, speed, and print quality could be increased and designed the ‘Pred8tor’ around these key points.

The Pred8tor is a True UV flatbed and roll to roll combo printer that achieves the same print quality on all roll materials without compromising true flatbed capability. The Pred8tor will print high resolution 1200 dpi photographic quality with inline white or clear and will be the first commercially available high speed gray scale printer. Gandy Digitals ‘Pred8tor’ will print a 4 x 8 ft sheet of rigid material of high quality in under 1 minute.

“Everything is new on the Pred8tor”, says James Gandy, “at the design stage we wanted a total revolutionary new digital printer in everyway, from the mechanics and software, to the end user’s experience. We wanted to make things simpler to use without compromising quality and still push the boundaries. We wanted to deliver technology that was ubiquitous but not obtrusive, it works seamlessly behind the scenes, and still remains in full control, these are the best types of advanced technologies”, I believe we’ve achieved this and more.

The Pred8tor is also be the first commercially distributed Grand Format Digital Printer that is fully controlled by an interface delivered on the iPad. Using the iPad allows the operator full freedom to control, monitor and work anywhere around the printer. The new interface will monitor many aspects of the printer behind the scenes and alert the user. Built in diagnostics, documentation, video tutorials and more all come as standard.

Connected to the internet, updates and new details are instantly accessed. In the event of the iPad being misplaced there is a fully operational web browser version of the GUI as a back up eliminating down time to a minimal. The Pred8tor has many more innovative new features which are not available on other Grand Format Digital Printers in the market place.

President of Gandy Digital – James Gandy will be exhibiting many more of the innovate new features at the SGIA Show in Las Vegas. With the totally new ‘Pred8tor’ from Gandy Digital you’ll be able to ‘tap’ into the digital printing markets.

The official launch of the ‘Pred8tor’ will be at SGIA in Las Vegas October 13-15 Booth #573 and with our 30 + years of digital print technology and proven track record of consistently being at the forefront of the Large Format Digital Print Industry, you’ll want to see for yourself why we lead the way.