Vizor AEOI Selected by Guyana Revenue Authority

Guyana Revenue Authority selects the Vizor AEOI Solution for Tax Authorities to meet its FATCA obligations under the terms of its Intergovernmental Agreement with the US Internal Revenue Service.

Fewer medical tests – timely listing for transplantation

16% of the patients on renal replacement therapy are under the age of 40. These younger patients would benefit greatly from kidney transplantation. Their expected remaining lifetime may even be doubled by having a transplant.

Loro Parque Fundación contributes to the successful recovery of the Yellow-eared Parrot in Colombia

The population of these endangered birds in the wild has multiplied and reached record numbers thanks to the financial support of the Foundation and the key intervention of the Vatican.

The growth of e-commerce is driving supply chain innovation

The growth in e-commerce sales in the last few years is driving much of the change across the warehousing and logistics industry. Automating processes using new technologies underlies most of the trends in supply chain including warehouse management, materials handling, supply chain visibility, and delivery solutions. More companies are finding it necessary to invest heavily in the latest logistics technologies to keep up with changing buying behaviours and customer demands.

Commemorating 100 Years of Dáil éireann and the Declaration of Irish Independence

The President of the Irish and Fenian Republican Brotherhood, William James (Billy) McGuire will once again lead the Independence Day commemorations and turn the Sovereign seal of the very first Dáil éireann and the Dáil éireann Courts (4 Courts) for and on behalf of the People this year on Monday the 21st January at 12 noon at the Mansion House in Dublin.

Auditdata A/S appoints new leadership

Auditdata today announces that founder and CEO of Auditdata will step down and incoming CEO Kurt Bager will take over at the end of January 2019.

Future Predictions from The Supply Chain Consulting Group

Following an outstanding year of significant projects for prestigious clients, and a successful merger, The Supply Chain Consulting Group is celebrating the start of the new year and embracing the opportunity to carry the success of 2018 into and throughout 2019.

Carbon Engineering Announces Investment from Oxy Low Carbon Ventures and Chevron Technology Ventures to Advance Innovative Low-Carbon Technology

Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE), a Canadian clean energy company, has received equity investment from two global energy companies: Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, LLC (OLCV), a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation; and Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV), the venture capital arm of Chevron Corporation. These investments will accelerate the commercialization of CE’s proven Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology that removes carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the air.


Fabletics, die von Kate Hudson im Jahr 2013 mitbegründete, globale Marke für Activewear, beginnt das neue Jahr mit einer Zusammenarbeit mit Kelly Rowland und debütiert die Kelly Rowland für Fabletics Winter 2018 Kollektion. „Wir möchten Frauen feiern, die uns inspirieren“, sagt Hudson. „Durch diese Zusammenarbeit können wir tollen Frauen eine weitere Plattform bieten, durch die sie sich ausdrücken können, und schaffen somit eine Erfahrung, an der auch andere teilhaben. Wir sind begeistert, in dieser Saison mit der unglaublich talentierten und wunderbaren Kelly Rowland zusammenzuarbeiten - sie ist der Inbegriff für kraftvolle Weiblichkeit. “


Fabletics, marque de vêtements de sport créée par Kate Hudson en 2013, démarre l’année 2019 en annonçant sa toute nouvelle collaboration avec la star internationale Kelly Rowland. « Nous voulons rendre hommage aux femmes qui nous inspirent » commente Kate Hudson. « Grâce à cette collaboration, nous donnons à toutes les femmes du monde une nouvelle plateforme pour s’exprimer, tout en en créant une expérience inclusive unique. Nous sommes extrêmement ravis de nous associer à Kelly Rowland cette saison ; elle est l’incarnation de la féminité et de la puissance. »


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