In der Zeit der Fashion Week Season… warum Designer Leder für Nachhaltigkeit auswählen sollten

Die Modebranche wurde wegen ihres Müllproblems gerufen. Hilfreich kann sein, Leder nicht zu meiden, sondern zu umarmen.

Frankfurt Motor Show: Machen die Autobauer ihr Inneres transparent?

Wenn sich die Fans versammeln, um die Vorstellung neuer Automodelle mitzuerleben, wird sich eine Frage stellen – wird die Automobilindustrie die Nachhaltigkeit von Leder verglichen zu anderen Materialien, die aus erschöpflichen Ressourcen stammen, endlich besser verstehen? Wird die Kennzeichnung der alternativen Materialien endlich transparent gegenüber den Kunden?

Another Monday und Cognigy gehen strategische Technologie- Partnerschaft ein

Another Monday, führender Anbieter für Robotic Process Automation (RPA) im deutschsprachigen Raum und Cognigy, weltweit führender Anbieter im Bereich Conversational AI, haben heute ihre strategische Partnerschaft bekannt gegeben. Von der Verknüpfung Another Monday’s RPA-Software-Suite, dem AM Ensemble, und Cognigy’s Conversational Automation Plattform verspricht man sich ein optimales Serviceerlebnis durch eine signifikante Verkürzung von Reaktionszeiten in der Kundenkommunikation, erlebbar gemacht durch kognitive Chatbots und Sprachassistenten für den Endkunden.

Another Monday and Cognigy enter into strategic technology partnership

Another Monday, the leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the German-speaking region and Cognigy, the world's leading provider of Conversational AI, today announced their strategic partnership. The combination of Another Monday's RPA software suite, the AM Ensemble, and Cognigy's Conversational Automation platform is expected to deliver an optimized user experience by significantly shortening response times in customer communication through cognitive chatbots and voice assistants for the end customer.

Robots could learn to recognise human emotions, study finds

Robots could be taught to recognise human emotions from our movements, a new study shows.

Heal's partners with Cylindo to introduce app-less Augmented Reality for the first time in the UK market

The heritage British retailer, Heal’s, has partnered with Cylindo, the leading 3D product visualization platform for commerce, to introduce web-native augmented reality in the UK market for the first time.

New Record High for Jersey’s Funds Sector as Jurisdiction Sets Sights on US

The value of regulated funds serviced in Jersey rose by 7% to a new record high in the first half of 2019, according to the latest figures collated by the jurisdiction’s financial regulator the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC).

Frankfurt Motor Show: Are car manufacturers going to be transparent about their interiors?

As fans gather to witness the unveiling of new car models one question remains – will the car industry have a better understanding of the sustainability of leather versus materials derived from finite resources and be transparent in both its labelling of alternative materials and in its communication with customers?

In Fashion Week Season… why designers should look to leather for sustainability

The Fashion industry has been called out for its waste problem, but it can help, not as some seem to think by shunning leather but embracing it.

BIG UP STUDIOS creates a state-of-the-art “real time animation” studio

Big Up Studios is a partnership between toy and entertainment industry French veteran, Philippe Heron, and 15-year-long engine developer Belgian expert, Julien Ramakers. The combination of both talents and respective complementing expertise brings a fresh and exciting opportunity to address today’s kids’ entertainment challenges faced by TV and internet broadcasting: deliver fast and high-quality content at a competitive production cost.


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