Thailand offers tourists 'the Aids attraction'

A hospice in Thailand offers morbid sightseers access to its Aids patients - dead and alive - for a fee…

The art of avoiding disappointment

The fast-buck business of licensing popular comic book-movie crossovers to video game developers has left a sour taste in this reporter's mouth…

Rise of the machines

Should the digitally-enhanced sword be mightier than the pen in the creation of good cinema? Claire Munro considers…

Star by night, convict by day

The hottest ticket in the Romanian capital is for a play whose star actor is escorted to and from a maximum security prison by armed guards brandishing automatic weapons…

The Premiership strikes back

It has only been away for a couple of months but it feels like a lifetime to a football fan: the Premiership is back and Saturday afternoons will once again become a time of contrasting emotions, swinging from euphoria to despair within the space of 90 minutes.

Robbie Williams: The death of British pop music?

More than one hundred and twenty-five thousand fans swamped Knebworth to watch the prince of pop, His Royal Highness Robbie Williams, perform a plethora of poptastic tracks, but what does his popularity say about us?

Rampant South Africans crush England

South Africa defeat England by an innings and 92 runs in the second test at Lord's.

How relevant is the UN?

After the Asia Pacific Model United Nations Conference, Alison Rawle reviews the current position of the UN.

Charlie's Angels: All throttled out

The original Charlie’s Angels film released in 2000 was surprisingly fresh and funky. With its tongue firmly in cheek, the film had real fun with the notion that three beautiful ladies could use every feminine trick in the book to fight crime.

No place to call their own

Gypsies have landed in a sleepy hamlet in Comfortablesville, Middle England. Residents are up in arms, children are being fed disinformation and house prices are on edge. But, hang-on, no one can even see them…


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