'Luxury for the people' in India

As India's seemingly unstoppable ascent in the global economic market continues, luxury goods manufacturers target its burgeoning middle classes.

Public smoking ban in Europe gathers pace

Smoking could be banned in public places throughout Europe if a proposal by the European Union health commissioner and anti-tobacco "czar" David Byrne is adopted.

Christmas: A season for... nah, forget it!

As most people cosy up with their drinks, presents and for those who don't have satellite television, board games; others are plotting the downfall of a sacred annual institution.

Calling time on India's pending crisis

Enthusiastic, and fresh-faced on the way in, they are bitter, disillusioned and unsure of their identities when they leave. Is India's call centre industry killing the country?

Separating the killers from the kids

Durban's Golden Mile in South Africa is a shark hotspot where swimmers equal lunch, but as one reporter finds, prevention is not always better than cure.

Laughter as a medicine

In tears, doubled up and unable to breath, a good bout can be painful. But we love it. It's addictive and research shows it's good for us. So why don't we laugh more often?

Fuel cell future for India's cars

Driving a car that leaves only water vapour in its wake is the stuff of environmentalists' dreams, but new technology means the pollution-free car is fast becoming a reality.

Mixed feelings over Nigeria's royal visitors

Nigeria officially welcomed Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with open arms, but ordinary Nigerians expressed doubts over whether this week's state visit would have positive implications for them.

Can Gazza play top ball again?

A once-brilliant footballer who very nearly fell off the edge, Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne is now trying to claw his way back up in Britain.

Dictating to the 'perfect' poor

Western notions of what is appropriate for the developing world are based on preconceptions and hypocrisy. But leaders of the poorest countries can be just as ignorant, argues Nkem Ifejika.


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