Mixed feelings over Nigeria's royal visitors

Nigeria officially welcomed Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with open arms, but ordinary Nigerians expressed doubts over whether this week's state visit would have positive implications for them.

Can Gazza play top ball again?

A once-brilliant footballer who very nearly fell off the edge, Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne is now trying to claw his way back up in Britain.

Dictating to the 'perfect' poor

Western notions of what is appropriate for the developing world are based on preconceptions and hypocrisy. But leaders of the poorest countries can be just as ignorant, argues Nkem Ifejika.

Matrix 3: No real Revolution

Did the Matrix's grand finale have any revolutionary surprises after all? Technically brilliant, the much-hyped movie fails to deliver on plot and substance.

The demise of Liverpool FC

For the Mighty Reds, it was a steep and long fall from the top. Now careening at number eight, Liverpool founders on despite coach Gerard Houllier’s experimental tactics.

Conflict correspondents get boost

A new training programme has been established to aid foreign correspondents when working in war zones.

England's victory: Blood, sweat and beers

England, world champions. Sounds good doesn’t it? Clive Woodward and his team have battled through one of the world’s most demanding tournaments to give England something it has missed for almost 40 years.

Funds for HIV prevention falling

Funds to fight HIV are shrinking while 45 million new infections are estimated by 2010. However, if top nations hike their grants by a mere fraction much can be done.

Global terror front jumps west

In a relay of fast track approvals that ended with US President George W Bush, Turkey was last week declared "a front" in the global war on terror.

Get tanked up: Armour your car

Having security personnel is not enough to protect you from bombs, bullets and rockets while you're on the move. Behold the season of the personal tank, cocooning presidents and kings as well as the rich and famous.


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