Scientists warn of more work needed to fight flu pandemic

Ross Whiteford, freelance.
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BRITISH scientists have praised the government’s effort to stockpile drugs that could stave off a potentially deadly outbreak of pandemic influenza, but warn that more work needs to be done on researching a vaccine to prevent thousands of deaths.

Street battles rage in eastern Turkey

Running battles between Kurdish civilians and police have resulted in at least one death in the eastern Turkish city of Van...

F1 fans outraged over Michelin tyre debacle

Michelin's role in Formula One is now in doubt after drivers quit the US race last weekend due to safety concerns over its tyres...

Why we should love women who show off

Why we should love women who show off

South Africa sees first black female vinter

Black winemakers have taken to the vine with panache, but have been exclusively male, until now. Raise a toast to South Africa's trailblazing Ms Biyela...

Uncertainty for asylum seekers in Ireland

The influx of refugees seeking asylum in Ireland has reached a record high. But as their numbers swell, so too do are the obstacles they must face on arrival…

Michael Jackson cleared on all charges

Entertainer Michel Jackson has been told all charges against him, alleging he had abused a child and given alcohol to minors, have been dropped…

Bolivia´s child miners

Desperate poverty and societal problems in Bolivia’s central highlands mean children as young as seven are working underground, despite mining being an illegal occupation for under-18s. NGOs have established a programme to try and reduce child labour, but political instability and Bolivia’s lack of budget are barriers to long-term change.

Raikkonen wins eventful Canadian Grand Prix

McLaren driver Kimi Raikkonen took victory in the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday taking 19 points out of Renault driver Fernando Alonso’s championship lead…


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