Hull City FC turns corner at centenary

Hull City was considered the worst club ever to have played league football in Britain - but the 'sleeping giant' is now awaking to success…

Argentina mourns revellers killed in club fire

At least 175 people died and 700 were injured when a flare thrown from the audience started a fire at a concert in a Buenos Aires nightclub.

Asia disaster: 'Too few coffins in Phuket'

The earthquake and waves that have claimed up to 77,000 people in Asia have left survivors with a near-impossible job in southern Thailand…

Colombo: 'Thousands have been swept away'

One reporter recounts the scene as tsunamis decimated a Sri Lankan town in Sunday's huge sea surges…

Brazil: Kidnapped footballer's mother freed

Forty-one days after her dramatic abduction, Marina Lima de Souza, the mother of Brazil’s brightest footballing star, has been freed.

Careless talk costs companies and callers

Security companies are warning private voicemail systems can be exploited using tools and software available on the Internet.

Rio carnival organiser 'executed' by drugs gang

Preparations for Rio de Janeiro's dazzling carnival have been tainted by the murder of one of its organisers over his choice of parade queen.

Rio protesters oppose tax-funded 'cure' for gays

Protesters have descended on Rio's legislative assembly opposing state proposals offering to bankroll the psychological "conversion" of homosexuals.

Only fittest British FCs will survive

Wrexham’s decline and potential capitulation into the hands of developers shows how the modern game has become a battle for survival…

Sunshine and censorship: Press freedom in UAE

Uneven development by one of the Gulf’s most ambitious members has left a cultural vacuum and restrictions on press freedom…


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