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Manchester United overwhelm Roma

Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo put in a performance against one of Europe's big boys to finally silence the critics.

Bowling pushes beyond its blue-collar roots

Cristal champagne, go-go dancers and VIP rooms are only some of the amenities available to patrons of the new premiere bowling centers that are popping up.

Body by choke hold

As the popularity of mixed martial arts soars, gyms are catering to fans who want to work out like their butt-kicking idols.

Back to the boards: Adult skateboarders brave injuries for thrills

Men from California, Washington, New York, Carolina, Kentucky are taking up skateboarding after years away for exercise, to bond with their kids and to recapture the spills and thrills of their youth.

New sports let everybody play

New sports like 'Wiffle hurling', 'Mojo Kickball', and street bicycle polo are designed for players who may otherwise never play team sports - or even exercise...

Euro 2008: International irrelevance?

On the eve of England’s crucial European qualifiers, Steve Mclaren’s career as England manager could be defined over the next round...

Fever pitch as new Premiership season kicks off

With the new season underway, the excitement reaches tangible levels as international superstars from across the globe descend upon England...

Liverpool and Everton: A tale of two stadiums

Football passions run high in Liverpool as the city's two football clubs announce plans to abandon their grounds to move to new stadia...

Turn your world upside down: Have a ball in a Zorb!

If you have ever wished you could walk on water or effortlessly cartwheel down a mountain range, the Zorb will fulfill your dreams...

Arsenal steal march on United

It was deemed "Grand Slam Sunday" the day in which Chelsea and Manchester United could turn the Premiership race into a two horse challenge...


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